Womens Streetwear Trends 2019

Was excited to make this video and I’m hoping people can contriubte whatever information I missed or may have gotten wrong.
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MENS STREETWEAR TRENDS 2019 (Predictions) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl__07j1-24



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Casey Neistat Music – Casey Neistat Music Playlist – Casey Neistat Mixtape


The month of November has been taken over by DJ Megan Ryte, dropping her 4th of “The 5” mixtape series. This week with Bay Area native Nef the Pharaoh, titled Neffy F Baby. This mixtape, like Nef’s breakout hit Big Tymin’, pays homage to Cash Money and early Lil Wayne. Leading with a video for the first single off the mixtape, Look No Further.

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