10 Men’s Trends Women HATE!

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When it comes to trends, some suck big, hairy, unmanscaped monster nuts! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro, Ollie, and ENEMY is discussing these men’s trends that women hate. A magazine article inspired this video — socks + sandals, leather pants, Ugg boots, and giant crystal earrings are some of the trends. Here are some more which you should take note …

1. Skinny jeans and crazy distressed denim — women want you to wear jeans that are not too tight but not too big-and-baggy, slim fit but not super skinny, and mildly distressed but not destroyed.
2. Oversized tees or super deep v-necks — you will look super skinny (aka tiny) and super douchy! Rock a tee that fits you without being too deep.
3. Man buns — to rock a man bun, you need to be the right dude. And keep in mind, pre man buns look ridiculous.
4. Wallet chain — some dudes can pull it off and look like a badass. But a wallet chain may not indicate a dude that she’s willing to take home to meet Dad.
5. Fleece — have a lint roller on-hand if you wear one! She would rather have you wear a bomber jacket.
6. Disheveled beards — women love facial hair but keep it groomed.
7. Ill fitting suit — a $200 tailored suit is better than an expensive big and baggy suit.
8. Frequently wearing tank tops — they think you’re showing off. Instead wear a shirt with sleeves that are higher.
9. Gauges — if you go too big, you’ll have floppy butt-holes in your ears.
10. Floppy beanies — it’s sloppy looking, and you look like a Smurf.