What Is Emulsion Skin Care

A. What Is An Emulsion? and How To Include It In Skin Care Routine?

Knowing everything about skin care is a difficult task, as these cosmetic companies are always trying to create terms that make them even more complex. If you think you have everything set up in a typical skin care routine, it is easy to find a new product that you have never heard of and ask yourself if it is necessary to add it to your kit. For example, if you shop at a K-Beauty store, you will find many products called emulsions. What is an emulsion? How can you include it in your skin care routine? I will break for you.

1. What is an emulsion?

In chemistry, emulsion always refers to a mixture of oil and water. As you know, it is difficult to add water and oil. Therefore, we have to use something special to connect them and this unique ingredient is called an ’emulsifier’. However, I’m not going to give you a chemistry class today and go straight into the world of skin care. In the video below you will learn what an emulsion in chemistry is.

The function of an emulsion is to provide hydration and define the diet in such a way that it is part of the hydrating stock. Unlike creams, emulsions are light and liquid. You can just call it a light version of creams. Most emulsions are water based and the consistency is watery or gel-like.

Usually the emulsion formula has what you need for a cream, but it shows its magic in an easy way. Absorbs faster and blends better with makeup. However, it is possible that your skin is not receiving enough moisture depending on the climate and the type of skin. You cannot replace the emulsion with serum, but in certain circumstances you can replace it with your facial creams.

Now you must be wondering what is the difference between lotion and emulsion, right? The truth is that in most cases the lotion is thicker than the emulsion. In short, the order of thickness from largest to smallest is cream, lotion and emulsion.

2. How can I include an emulsion in my skin care routine according to your skin type?

Once you know what an emulsion is, the next step is to know how to use it. As a type of moisturizer, the emulsion is at the end of the skin care routine. After applying the serum, you can choose an emulsion or cream to end your routine, or you can use both together.

a. For oily skin

If you are a girl with oily skin, how to control sebum and how to maintain fluids can irritate you for a long time. Using a typical cream always makes the skin difficult to breathe. Fortunately, you read this post and you should try an emulsion. The light consistency does not overload your skin, but it still provides enough moisture. Better yet, it will not leave your skin oily.

Note that hydration is very important even for oily skin, as lack of hydration triggers more excess sebum. You may think that the toner and serum are already retaining enough moisture for you. However, without something to block them, their effects simply disappear in the air. Consequently, although you can replace your heavy facial cream with an emulsion, you cannot escape the step of offering and retaining water.

The main effect of this emulsion is to moisturize the skin with chia seeds. In addition, it is free of parabens and mineral oil, which makes it a great option also for sensitive skin.

b. For mixed skin and acne-prone skin

People with mixed skin can easily get rashes. In summer, the skin is oily, but in winter, the sensation is as bare as that of other people with dry skin. As a girl with mixed skin, I always use an emulsion in the summer and a cream in the winter. Also, I tend to use an emulsion instead of a cream when I visit a damp place, which gives my skin more freshness. In terms of formula, products that not only provide hydration, but also clean pores and control extra greasiness would be perfect.

c. For dry skin

When it comes to dry skin, the emulsion can be used in two ways.

Use as a substitute for facial cream: If you live in a hot and humid place, using an emulsion is a good choice. However, dryness is still a problem, so for girls with dry skin, an emulsion with a richer context and many moisturizers would maintain a higher level of hydration. However, it is better to use a face cream in the winter.

Use before a cream: for those with extremely dry skin, the emulsion can work as a differential for the facial cream. After applying the serum or ampoule, you can add a layer of emulsion and then continue using a face cream. This way, your skin gets a double block so that all properties are calm on your skin throughout the day. It is a smart idea if you live in a very dry area.

3. Result

Now you need to have an idea of ​​what an emulsion is and how to use it. As a light version of the face cream, the emulsion is ideal in hot and humid climates. It is also a godsend for oily skin, even in winter. Dry skin will love it and can use it as a double block for active properties. In short, people with all skin types will discover how to use an emulsion.


B. Skin Care Tips & Trends, What Is an Emulsion Anyway?

Emulsion is a word widely used in the world of K-Beauty, but no one seems to be able to give a clear and consistent answer as to what it is or why you should use it. I remember the first time I received an emulsion sample and I had no idea what to do with it, not to my surprise, the salesman who gave it to me. However, emulsions are essential in Korean skin care and offer a number of benefits. So I decided it was time to find out what an emulsion is, what it does and how it can be used.

1. What is an emulsion and how does it differ from a cream?

In short, emulsions are lighter versions of moisturizers. Unlike most heavy facial creams, emulsions are generally water based, which means they are lighter and thinner than creams. In some cases, the emulsions are in the form of gel or almost liquid. In general, emulsions are absorbed into the skin much faster and do not settle on the skin as some creams do.

2. What do emulsions do?

Emulsions offer many of the same benefits as a cream, only in a lighter formula. They are formulated to act as a moisture block, blocking all hydration and the benefits of its essence and serums.
However, many people use emulsions as a continuation of their treatment products, not just as a moisturizer.

3. When you use it

Emulsions are the intermediate product between serums and creams. It is not as light as a serum, but not as heavy as a cream. Likewise, it is not as concentrated as serums, but more targeted than heavy creams. And this is exactly where skin care comes in – after the serum and (optionally) before the last moisturizer. But how you use an emulsion really depends on your skin type.

4. Emulsions for each skin type

a. Oily skin

Emulsions can be a great option as a final hydration step before applying SPF. The fact that the emulsions are lighter, water-based and easier to absorb makes them attractive to people with oily skin, as they get the moisture your skin needs without the weight and shine of a cream. And if you live in a place that is hot and humid, an emulsion can be a great option to keep your skin cool and light in the heat, while providing the necessary moisture.
However, you must make sure that the emulsion you are using is specifically moisturized to ensure that your skin does not get wet. Dr. Oracle A-Thera Emulsion is a great option, as it is formulated with bamboo extract to hydrate the skin while balancing oils and green tea to soothe, refresh and decapitate. It is lighter than a moisturizer, so you can get all the benefits of hydration and hydration without feeling oily or clogging your pores. It feels thin, smooth and watery.

b. Mixed skin and acne-prone skin

You can use an emulsion to fight oil, stains and excess sebum. This can be done by applying an emulsion all over the face or in specific areas, such as the T zone. The Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Return Emulsion contains natural BHAs that keep the skin away from dead skin cells and excess sebum, while Centella asiatica extract water and hyaluronic acid provide hydration and hydration without producing more oils. You can apply it all over the face or alone. Or if you think your skin needs more hydration, you can apply a cream next – it’s your decision! This emulsion is lighter than a moisturizer, but extremely moisturizing for the skin. It soothes dry areas and keeps sebum and acne under control. This emulsion has a texture similar to serum and is light thanks to hyaluronic acid. Therefore, it is ideal to moisturize your skin and clean your pores without causing irritation.

c. Normal skin types

they can still take advantage of the emulsion, even if they have no skin problem that they want to attack. SUR.MEDIC + Super Hyaluronic 100TM Aqua emulsion gives the skin a moist, moist shine and gives it an elastic and invigorated look. The fine, fast-absorbing formula has a soothing and moisturizing effect and is perfect for year-round use. Although it is hydrated in the winter, it is still light enough not to strain or suffocate the skin all summer. Formulated with hyaluronic acids and ceramides, it also prevents moisture loss so that you look younger than ever.
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d. Sensitive skin

Emulsions are perfect for promoting healthy, well-groomed skin without irritating it or penetrating deep enough to cause inflammation and redness. Re: P Nutrinature All-in-One-Multitem is ideal for balancing, brightening and hydrating the skin’s pH without irritating the skin. It is perfectly light and does not look too heavy. However, the addition of niacinamide adds a reinforcing barrier to protect and strengthen the skin, while antioxidants nourish and cleanse sensitive skin. This product acts as a tonic, essence and emulsion in one and promotes elasticity, in addition to uniform skin tone and structure. It also passed the “skin irritation test”, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin types.

And if you’re in my warehouse and struggling with dry skin, emulsions are a great lifesaver. When you fold the emulsion and cream, the emulsion retains moisture from the previous steps and the cream can focus on just absorbing the skin and adding even more moisture. For dry skin, the Moistfull Etude House Collagen Emulsion is perfect for adhering moisture and nutrients to the skin, making it hydrated and elastic. The emulsion contains small particles of water with super collagen and baobab water that are quickly absorbed by the skin. It is light but moisturizing. With a gelatinous consistency and smooth formula, you will feel your skin instantly hydrated and renewed. To get even more moisture, you can also mix a facial oil into your emulsion, since the emulsions are water based. Mixing in an oil gives the skin water and oil-based moisture.

5. Summary

Since I started using the emulsion, my skin is waking up and feeling hydrated and supple. I think it made my night cream more effective. And during the winter months, when my skin is fighting the icy winds of New York, I also apply the emulsion in the morning and that extra layer of moisture really saves the day. Ultimately, it makes sense why emulsions are so difficult to identify: because they all have different uses and purposes. As with treatment products, the emulsion you use and how you use it will depend on your specific needs. Whether you are trying to find a lighter moisturizer for the humid climate or looking for a different layer of moisture to prevent your skin from drying out, emulsions can certainly get into your routine. And believe me, you will be happy when that happens.