Your chest can look better!

I’m posting again on this because it’s summer, and more questions are coming in from patients about this.

The chest area IS different. It’s skin is thinner than the face, old sunburns affect it more, and scarring and pigment problems are harder to correct.  Still …it’s easy to improve this area.

For blotchy pigment:

  • A good skincare product like Revision Nectifirm or Skinceuticals Neck, Chest Hand product.
  • If brown is mostly the problem, try 12 weeks of SkinMedica Lytera or Skinceuticals Discoloration Defense.
  • Sunscreen 10-20% zinc ALWAYS!
  • A series of 2-5 IPLs/photorejuvenation to even the color up
  • If the brown is deep or very resistant, you may do better with a Fraxel

For redness and telangs (dilated red tiny blood vessels):

  • A series of  2-5 IPLs/photorejuvenation to even the color up.
  • Consider cover up makeup, but skincare products don’t help much with red.
  • Cover the area with sunscreen as above…. or clothing to limit the light/sun you get on it.

For whiter areas or scars:

  • For both small scars and getting the pigment to even out, Fraxel is best.  Think 2-6 depending on how severe.

For deeper lines or wrinkles:

  • Volume support is needed so think body dilution Sculptra, body dilution radiesse, or fat transfer……..but experienced, MD  experts only here please.
  • CO2 laser done by an MD expert, or CO2 laser with Platelet Rich Plasma Fibrin Matrix (PRPFM) also works well.
  • Try changing your sleeping position (hard to do!) and/or wearing some bra support in a cami or bra at night.
Hope this helps,
Dr. I
Founder, SkinTour
Director, Madison Skin & Laser Center
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