What can thicken or improve the thin undereye skin?

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For most of us, our eye area ages faster than the rest of our skin.  Why?  Mostly it’s because eye lid skin is thinner, there are very few oil glands to naturally lube the skin, and the fat pad there is thinner and shrinks over time.  So….the lower lid tends to dark circles, crepiness and sagging.

Dr. B’s Basic Principal # 1

Anything we do that protects and builds our own natural collagen and skin elasticity over time is a good thing!!  It makes your skin younger appearing and tighter.

Protect and support the collagen and elasticity around your eyes:

  • Use an eye cream with active ingredients like low strength retinol, antioxidants etc.  Here are some good ones.
  • Wear sun glasses  outside that are polarized for glare and protect from UV.  Helps to keep you from squinting too.
  • Make sure your morning high zinc sunscreen is gentle enough for you to put it right up to and over the brow bone, crow’s feet area and to the bone on the lower lid.
  • If you work outside or spend a ton of time outdoors, consider a special eye lid sunscreen that can be put on the actual lids.
  • Don’t pull or rub at eyelid skin
  • Get allergies treated so your eyes aren’t watering etc.

Build more collagen and improve it more:

  • Thermage makes an FDA approved eye tip.  It helps to tighten the eyelid skin and is especially good for maintenance.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma FM (we use Selphyl Fibrin Matrix) used around the eye with a specific technique improves the skin texture and quality.
  • Fraxel makes an FDA approved eye tip.  Especially good for early crepiness and brown spots.
  • Fractionated CO2 laser like the DEKA Dot, is great around the eyes for more advanced sagging and wrinkles.  We combine this with the PRP above.
  • Don’t overlook the obvious!  Botox/Dysport around the eyes can soften the smile lines/crow’s feet as well and lift the brow a little.
  • Filler injections can help with a hollow tear trough area.  BUT…..MD experts only please.  This is an FDA off-label area.

Safety First:

  • MDs only with at least 5-10 years of experience injecting fillers for any injections around the eye area please!  There are now a lot of Instagramers promoting themselves as “expert injectors” who have very little education or training other than a few “weekend” courses.  It’s scary out there right now.  Be careful.
  • Contact lens type eye shields that are placed in the eye with numbing drops and a special cushioning gel must be used with any lasers or radiofrequency done around the eye area.
Hope this helps!
Dr. B
Founder, SkinTour
Director, Madison Skin & Laser Center
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