Why The Honeymoon Phase Fades And How To Get It Back!

Love is beautiful, isn’t it? That feeling of being in constant touch with someone round-the-clock either by text messages or calls or just making time every single day in spite of a busy schedule to meet that one special person of your life — it’s what we’d like to define as the honeymoon phase of a relationship. It’s a phase where there’s only love, love, and love around you! Somehow, during this phase, the feeling of love dominates every other emotion you’ve ever experienced in your life. You find your fingers naturally curling up with your SO’s whenever you’re with them. And yes, you’re definitely unashamed of the PDA (public display of affection). You just love the feeling of being loved and showering love, care, and affection to your partner.

Why The Honeymoon Phase Fades


But, does this bubble of bliss last forever? Certainly not! Earlier you might have loved picking up your SO’s plates after they finished eating or your SO made it a point to feed you the first bite of every meal you had together. Now, it’s no longer the same scene; you feel that your SO is a lazy bum for not picking up the plate after eating and your SO might just be way too hungry to give you a bite from the food first. Although, it’s a good thing to learn and teach all the little mannerisms here, for the love system inside us, it feels like a shock when the honeymoon phase comes to an end or a standstill. Irrespective of how perfect both of you are for each other, at times you’ll surely feel like the reigns of love have loosened up. Here are a few tips on how to get that honeymoon phase back in your relationship.

Fix #1: Don’t Look At Your Partner To Keep You Happy

Don’t Look At Your Partner To Keep You Happy


It’s the ground rule y’all! Your happiness is in your own hands. Your happiness could probably multiply by your partner’s efforts. But, allow us to enlighten you with this. If you really want that spark back in your relationship, you definitely need to stop expecting your partner to fix your problems and keep you happy. And, if you are expecting your partner to do something for you, don’t wait for your partner to read your mind and get started with it. You can make things easier for both of you by communicating your wants and needs to make things happen quicker. Don’t be the damsel in distress.

Fix #2: Stop Believing That You Know It All About Your Partner

Stop Believing That You Know It All About Your Partner


When two individuals begin to date, they don’t know much about each other. And, this is the thrill that makes the honeymoon phase so blissful. At the beginning of a relationship, there are more of unknowns. Every single time you meet your partner for a date, you get to know something new about them. This makes you feel that your relationship is very exciting and fresh.

When you start thinking that you know everything about your partner, that’s the end of the honeymoon phase; trust us!

Fix #3: Just Keep It Interesting

Just Keep It Interesting


We know that consistency is the key to a long-lasting relationship. However, keeping it interesting is what it takes to keep a relationship alive. Predictability in a relationship nearly kills it. Therefore, get your partner and yourself into activities where both of you are learning new things together. Learning a new skill will also help the two of you explore your relationship in a new manner, for growing plays a vital role in the growth of the momentum of a relationship. That’s bound to extend honeymoon period by a lifetime.

Fix #4: Figure The Love Language Of Your Partner

Figure The Love Language Of Your Partner


The ultimate hack to keep the love brewing between the two of you would be to understand the love language of your partner. By the word “love language”, we mean some of us look at words of affirmation as showing love, some see acts of service as love, some physical touch, and for some, it could also be spending quality time or receiving gifts. There are different ways through which people express love and interpret them into feelings.

Therefore, one needs to understand how their partner wants to be loved. You have to consider their likes and dislikes too. Doing what you want can never get the two of you closer.

Fix #5: Just Enjoy The Relationship

Just Enjoy The Relationship


Who knows, maybe it’s only after the honeymoon phase is done, your relationship might bloom, right? We mean, just give it a thought. By the end of the honeymoon phase you’ll know your partner well, you both will be comfortable with each other. You both will enjoy being yourselves, minus the makeup or the efforts that goes into dressing up neat and for the occasion. Try and enjoy the present moment of your relationship with your partner. Always remember that relationships only get better with time.

Understand that a relationship is bound to undergo changes just like how we undergo as a human. Relationships will only evolve provided all the efforts are put in by both the partners. Changes are scary, but never forget what made you fall in love with your SO. Tackle the problems and keep the love brewing. If there’s anything that you want to add to this, leave them in the comments below.

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