Which is the best skincare line?

Thank you for asking this!  As companies try to move to try to sell sets and subscriptions to skincare products, consumers are rebelling!  And for good reason.  Who needs more unused skincare products in their drawers.

We have evaluated and tested hundreds and hundreds of skincare products at our clinic.  No company that I’ve ever found has consistently great products across every category (I wish).  Therefore, we all need to become skincare detectives somewhat. 🙂   Below is what we know works, based on a lot of science and experience.

In five years, I’m sure we’ll have even better options, due to all the research.  Asia is way ahead of us on skin protection.  See the parasols used in Tokyo on YouTube.  It’s worth paying attention to skincare because you will age much more slowly. Also pay attention to exercise, nutrition, gut biome, hydration and decreasing stress!

Below I’ll give you example of what we know.  Try to follow the order.


  1. Gentle cleanser:  Try the Organic Lemon if you like creamy, and the Elta Cleanser if you like foamy.
  2. Antioxidant serum:   Phloretin CF buy, if normal, or Dermaquest Vitamin  C serum (very gentle version)
  3. If very dry moisturizing serum:  Add a hyaluronic acid serum to lock in moisture
  4. Moisturizer:  If dryer, try the Pevonia Marine Collagen.  If normal, try the Daily Moisturizer by SkinCeuticals. If acne/oily, just use #3 above.
  5. High zinc sunscreen (9-20%):   Image (untinted) if dry, Dermaquest (tinted or untinted) if normal, Elta Clear if oily/acne.


  1. Gentle cleaner – same as above – Use a Clarisonic if you have trouble getting products out of your pores or acne
  2. Cell growth factor serum – These tend to be expensive – like TNS Recovery.
  3. Moisturizer – can be the same or the richer one above
  4. Retinol or tretinoin (Retin A) – start with the low strength retinol every other night and then work up, if you’ve never used it.

Neck, Chest, Hands:

Cleanse, moisturize and sunscreen like above.  Try adding a product like the Revision or the SkinCeuticals for this area.

Toners: Your skin re pHs itself very quickly, a waste of time and money (my opinion)
Pigment problems:  Try adding a product like the Lytera or Discoloration defense and see you dermatologist for help.
Too red:  See your dermatologist – you may have rosacea and try a skincare product like this one.

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