Skincare Routine 101 Beginners Guide for Skincare by Dr Liv Kraemer 💕

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If you’ve been following me from a long time you must be aware of all the Skincare Science and must be showcasing all the Skincare Knowledge in your friend circle. 😉This video is like back to basics video, after talking about some really advance Skincare stuff. I thought i should make a video for those people who don’t know how to get started😇. I’ve been getting a lot of dm’s & messages over Instagram📷& Tiktok ❤️ about how to get started with Skincare or what are the basic steps for daily Skincare. So I thought instead of answering those questions individually why now make a video❤️
This video is a complete guide about how to get started with Skincare in an easy language so the people could get most out of this video 🥰❤️

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