Sabrina Carpenter Skin Care

A. Sabrina Carpenter on DIY Facials, Soap Brows, and Perfectly Precise Eyeliner

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“Oh God, gracious! Where do we start? “Sabrina Carpenter says with a smile as she examines her beauty arsenal. Today, the 21-year-old singer and actress leads Vogue through her exaggerated routine, which every morning is not covered by a three-digit cream or high-end device. technology starts, but simply with ice: “Wake up, I like to make a small facial ice cube”, she says about her reliable DIY hack, which can be used anytime, anywhere.

“When I was 15, I really started to dedicate myself to skin care,” explains the star of the next Netflix movie, Work It. He remembers a particularly traumatic allergic reaction to a metal base she left with eczema . “Since then, being able to have a routine has been very therapeutic”, she adds, calling products like a dr. Jart out. Renée Rouleau’s spotted cleanser (“because she’s a young girl with angry hormones”); an invigorating peppermint essential oil wrapped around your neck and wrists; and Sol de Janeiro’s sweet-smelling Brazilian butt cream. “You should put it on your ass, but I like to put it on your neck,” she says. “It smells like heaven.”

“There were days when I didn’t have much to do and I just walk into the kitchen with all my makeup on … just to feel alive today,” said Carpenter, who was quarantined at her mother’s house, Has. she says as she dives into her vanity case, which has changed “a lot” over the years since she started painting her face for dance nights as a child. “All I need is a quick Google search to find some of my worst red carpet decisions in life. Many of them happened when I was trying to be more experimental with a smoky black eye …” After she now mixed Tom Ford’s Foundation Stay with the Creme de Clé de Peau Foundation – “these are just colored pencils for big girls”, she jokes – she prefers soap sheets for brushed eyebrows and a perfectly accurate cat’s eye.

She also pays special attention to the pout, which starts with a toothbrush and reinforces with a brushed bronzer on the edges of the lips. “It looks a little fuller,” she says of her professional trick, which continues with eyeliner and lipstick – but almost never with shine. “I’m the type of singer who likes to eat my microphone,” she says laughing, before adding. “I learned my lesson and stick to monotonous products that I know will remain silent.” After Carpenter sneezes Margiela’s eau de parfum at the fireplace and lets go of her hair, she’s all set: “It’s a great look for a night on the town … which I won’t be doing anytime soon,” she continues. ”


B. 24 Hours with Sabrina Carpenter

What are you doing on a big prize day? For music star and former Disney character Sabrina Carpenter, preparation for the ceremony includes a serious skin care routine, a calming routine and a ton of tea. We spent the day with the 18-year-old girl as she prepared for the American Music Awards two weeks ago.

Carpenter’s pre-AMA diet included some fresh lemons that she chose for a nice cup of hot tea. Her skin care routine included a quick peel with Renée Rouleau’s Triple Peeling Berry Smoothing “for a brilliant shine,” she advised. To relax, the Girl Meets World star took a candlelit shower and played vinyls like Beatles’ Love Songs.

After examining the hangers, Carpenter opted for his look for the evening: a Missoni and Casadei plaid dress with high boots. A pair of gold earrings protruded from behind her loose blond waves, which she saved in half an hour. Her smoky pink makeup look by Allan Avendaño was kindly provided by Revlon.

With the finishing touches, some kisses from his dog and an epic hair clip in slow motion, Capenter was ready to go. Although she was not nominated for any awards that night, she stepped on the red carpet and on stage as a winner.


C. 5 Ways To Practice Self Care Like Sabrina Carpenter

Self-care has never been more important than now. Whether you are still in quarantine or returning to your normal routine, taking care of yourself is crucial. Celebrities and influencers are always talking about self-care and you see cute IG stickers in every story, but what does self-care really look like? The answer is: it’s what you want!

The most important part of self-care practice is that it is personal to you. If you like to play the guitar or read, it is very important to take the time to do these things.

For many of us, we don’t know how to start. Don’t worry – YSBnow and Sabrina Carpenter help you! Here are five ways to practice self-care inspired by Sabrina Carpenter.

1. Dance to your favorite music

Whether you’re always showing a playlist of Sabrina or just finding a new artist, you can’t get out of your head, turn up the music and start your rhythm!

2. Take care of your pet

When you have a furry friend at home, grab some hugs and relax with your adorable best friend.

3. Get some sun

Sunlight is a proven mood enhancer. Whether you’re sunbathing in a bathing suit or just sitting outdoors for a while, try going out!

4. Treat yourself to a sweet treat

Sabrina loves hi-chew! Whatever your favorite sweets or desserts, treat yourself to something!

5. Have a spa day at home

Washing your face every day is very important, but try adding an exfoliating treatment or facial mask to your skin care routine today! They take care of your skin and your soul!

6. Bonus tip: hydrate

On walks and at home, Sabrina knows how important hydration is to the body and mind. If you’re reading this, have a glass of water now.


D. Sabrina Carpenter Makeup and Face Care Routine

Actress Sabrina Zimmermann She is an idol in the world of Hollywood, but also in the great universe of cosmetics. In her last film, “Work: No Rhythm of Dreams”, he showed his routine of face care and makeup on the Vogue portal.

1. Sabrina Carpenter shared her best beauty tips

Details of Sabrina Carpenter’s makeup and facial care routine

2. Skin care

Awaken your face with ice cubes on a thin towel. This treatment not only helps the pores in general, but also makes the skin firmer. Trust Korean cosmetics technology. Use a sheet mask to nourish your skin and keep it looking absolutely shiny. Mix your favorite serum with some sunscreen. This provides the skin with the nutrients it needs, while protecting itself.

3. Makeup Tips

Before you even start your makeup, you can apply lip balm and brush it to help improve blood circulation. To improve the appearance of your skin, you can do a quick massage and apply a facial tonic that will help you prepare it properly. Mix the foundations to obtain the ideal tone for your skin. You can simulate a tan on your face after mastering the art of blushing. You will be lovely and fresh from the beach. Use an eyeliner on the tear duct of the eye to show a perfect cat’s eye. Contour your lips to make them bigger and fuller.

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