A. HER SKIN BY KATH MELENDEZ – This Pinay Vlogger Reveals The Exact Products Kath Melendez Used To Transform Her Kilikili

The obsession with beautiful armpits is very much alive, so we are always researching all the tips we can try to share with you. We are pleased to announce that we have found another whitening routine that really works! Pinay vlogger Kath Melendez revealed all the products she used to transform her Kilikili. After seeing the photos from before and after the video, we were mesmerized!

Before revealing her secrets, Kath discussed the most common causes of chicken skin and discoloration. She said it was shaving for her. Although the hair removal method is fast, the friction it creates leads to browning. She resorted to epilation, which diminished the texture of her armpits. She then suggested, if you could invest in laser hair removal treatments to get rid of underarm hair forever. Alternatively, you can try the home device that Lazada gave her. The exact product she showed is no longer available, but it is the closest one we found.

(Ed’s note: Be careful when buying beauty equipment. Research the product before you buy. Read the reviews and make sure it is from a trusted manufacturer. If in doubt, contact their skin!)

According to Kath, her armpits were once dark and rough, as were the products she wore on her watch and at night. Kilikili’s routine (yes, there is one in the morning and one in the evening) made the box look better. Good news: they are all accessible! See his full regime below:

1. Kath’s Armpit Morning Skin Routine

a. Gluta-C body scrub with papaya enzymes

Kath said that her regular lump exfoliation loosened dead skin. The Gluta-C body scrub contains physical and chemical scrubs that can brighten and soften the underarm surface texture. Gently massage the product into the area to avoid excessive friction.

b. Fresh Skinlab Lotion Jeju Aloe

Kath swears that this light gel lotion softened her skin and stubble. She loves this product so much that she loves it in the morning. Routine!

2. Kath’s Armpit Night Skin Routine

a. Fairness and flawless Sgt At Arms + Underarm and Bikini Whitening Cream

After Kath lets her skin absorb Fresh Skinlab’s Jeju Aloe lotion, she applies this whitening cream to her forearms to work her magic.

Kath reminded her viewers that her lighting experiment did not produce results overnight. She emphasized the importance of being patient and consistent in order to achieve perfect and smooth armpits.


B. Guys, Baka Matuto Na Rin Tayo Mag- Makeup Dahil Key Kath Melendez!

Only now do we know that a seemingly simple girl like Kath Melendez has 1.21 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, most of which follow her makeup videos and a variety of content from her everyday life, based on current trends. One thing we see that she probably has so many followers is masipag siya mag-upload ng of content. It’s good practice: give people enough regular content and you’ll be hooking them soon. Of course, it also helps in sweet din si Kath, which is why we follow it too!

1. Kathy Melendez has enough influence for the brands to consider

2. She can also take the necessary swimming photos

3. Pull the casual vibe well

4. Cutie!

5. Let’s zoom in anyway!

C. Frustrated With Skin Problems? Try These Skin Care Tips!

There is an abundance of resources in many different forms from which you can research skin care. You need to find the information that will work for you and tailor it to your lifestyle. This article will give you about skin care in a straightforward way.

Using a daily moisturizer each day is crucial for keeping skin healthy. Moisturizers are great at making you to maintain a youthful look and prevent your skin from becoming dry.Moisturizers can help you to look younger longer.

Using a moisturizer is the best tip for great skin healthy. Moisturizers are great at making you to maintain a youthful prevent and look your skin from becoming dry.Moisturizers play a great role in helping you to look younger.

Spend time outdoors in the sun to improve acne free. Try walking to the park on your lunch break or simply standing outdoors every day. Sunshine is a source of vitamin D, one of the vitamins essential for healthy skin.

It is important to wash the sweat off your skin in the shower after working out. A simple towel will remove all traces of sweat and bacteria that is lodged deep down inside. Use warm water when you take your pores and clear them out.

Don’t sleep in your face. Your complexion uses sleep as a time to repair from the day. When you wear makeup to bed, you are essentially suffocating the skin and not exposing it to enough oxygen. Before you head to bed, take the time to remove it.

Stay hydrated every and each day.Drinking enough water keeps your skin moist. This will help fight of the effects done by harmful sun rays. This can very easily contribute to skin to be healthy while making you look more vibrant.

Do a tissue test to find out what your skin type is. The oil that shows on the tissue can give you an idea if you have oily, dry or normal skin, by applying a tissue directly to the facial surface upon waking.

It is always best to stick with powder foundations when you have skin is on the oily side. These foundations keep your skin looking soft and make it look smoother. If you have oily skin, since lots of them tend to exacerbate the problem, be careful with liquid foundations.

Decide what they are if you are trying to eliminate skin problems. If you are unaware of your skin type, consult a professional. Understand your skin and its needs before starting any regimen.

Aloe vera can help you when trying to eliminate scars. Aloe has things such as Vitamin E and amino acids which can aid in skin repair. Just rub aloe on your scars each day after you bathe. The more recent the scar is, the better your chances of removing it with aloe vera treatment.

You can take care of your skin by eating healthy. It’s an urban legend that foods like chocolate and french fries cause acne. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, fruits and nuts. All of these foods contain the proper nutrients to help fight breakouts.

Always wash off your makeup before sleeping if you want good complexion. Sleeping gives your skin rejuvenate.

A lengthy, yet gentle, exfoliation of the facial skin on a regular basis will ensure the skin is left rejuvenated, clear and healthy. Just cause it is called a “scrub” doesn’t mean you need to rub your skin with overly enthusiastic vigor as this could result in irreversible damage.

Vitamin E is a very beneficial vitamin to help you improve the rehabilitation of your hair and skin. Vitamin E contains lots of antioxidants which can help you get rid of free radicals in the body. Papaya and almonds are a great foods that contain high levels of vitamin E. Vitamin E can also be found in dark, leafy vegetables.

Do not use scented lotion that have fragrances and are intended for adult skin. If the issue persists, it best to either try a medicated cream or speak with a doctor and ask their opinion.

Don’t use too hard when you are exfoliating your skin. This can cause irritation and irritating to your skin. This practice will deep-clean your skin while keeping it intact.

Dead skin makes you look older than you really are. Getting rid of dead cells is a good way to revitalize your face look far better.

A fresh blade on your razor is always necessary when you’re shaving sensitive skin. A razor that is old or of poor quality will pull the scrape and hairs your skin, old razor will scrape on the skin and irritate it.This can lead to razor rashes, chafing, burn and much discomfort. A good razor blade should just glide down your skin in a smooth and effortless manner.

Don’t use products that contain fragrances. They can irritate the skin sensitivity worse. Most fragrances used are based on natural chemicals, the ingredients they use are not natural.

Don’t use regular bar soap to clean your face with. Use only soaps which are specially formulated for gentle facial cleaning.

Avoid excess heat for healthy skin. The sun burns your skin, and heat alone has the ability to make the skin red.

Eating a nutritious diet rich in nutrients and healthy food is quite important.The foods you eat directly affect the look of their skin and can cause acne. For smoother, glowing, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, especially those with plenty of vitamin C, and lean meats. Eating lots of carbohydrates or fats might do exactly the opposite.

One of the most important ways to avoid damage to your skin healthy is not exposing it to tanning beds.Tanning is never safe,” but tanning beds cause cancer all the same. The UV rays that a tanning bed emits does not matter they all damage your skin. Avoiding tanning beds can ensure you aging sooner and developing Melanoma.

It is important to moisturize your skin care routine.This will ensure that your skin remains hydrated through the night. Lip balm, hand cream, cuticle oil and other treatments are very useful.

When you just shrink your pores, you may not be getting them clean and you can trap impurities inside. Clean pores should usually appear smaller since they don’t contain impurities and dirt. Use masks and scrubs to clean your pores.

So, get ready to show off your beautiful, healthy skin. Practicing these techniques each day will result in glowing, radiant and soft skin. Keep in mind that most results aren’t instant, so keep at it and you will be feeling and seeing the results after about a week or so.



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