Married At 18, Single Mom To 3 Kids At 34, Kanika Kapoor’s Story Will Run Chills Down Your Spine

The story of a Bollywood star going to the peak before falling to the ditch is not uncommon. However, it is not every day that we come across a superstar that has battled the odds and come out on top. And, this battle is likely to be a lot more challenging for a woman owing to the patriarchal influence on every nook and corner of our society. Here is the story of Kanika Kapoor, the lady with a voice that can be heard in nearly every household today.

For those of you who do not know who Kanika Kapoor is, here goes. She sang the song Baby Doll. A song that was played in every pub, wedding, and party—and still continues to be. But, the story goes way back.

Kanika started her singing stint when as a child artist, with songs on the All India Radio. Over the span of the next two decades, her life took a turn to directions that would send chills down so many of our spines.

Here is the story of the beautiful and glamorous Kanika Kapoor who comes from a not so beautiful history. Read on.

Married At 18, Single Mom To 3 Kids At 34, Kanika Kapoor's Story Will Run Chills Down Your Spine

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At the age of 18, Kanika Kapoor was married to an NRI, which was followed by a shift to London. For several years, she remained the typical sit-at-home wife with her husband providing for everything.

That type of marriage exposed Kanika to a plastic and color life that, for a while, got the better of her. In an interview with a newspaper, Kanika opened up about it, saying she was full of herself and was extremely material-minded and egoistic.

15 years later, the couple separated and that took a massive toll on Kanika. In her late twenties, Kanika was the single mother to three kids. And, one thing she did realize was that the cost of living in London was not easy to maintain as a single mother. From being a wife at 18 to a mother of three by 29, life had taken a massive turn for Kanika in no time.

During her difficult times, Kanika remained non-confrontational and refused to fight. She simply chose to keep away. Instead of battling the situation, she chose to ignore it and focus on the positives. Taking inspiration from several people going through a very difficult life, she realized that her life was not as bad as it seemed. In her head, she only thought of the women who were stuck in bad marriages and had no way to escape.

Married At 18, Single Mom To 3 Kids At 34, Kanika Kapoor's Story Will Run Chills Down Your Spine

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Today, Kanika is thankful to the higher forces for giving her the strength to overcome all the obstacles in life and continue to work hard. Life was getting tough and escaping was not on her list. Although filled with fears and inhibitions, Kanika decided to take the road of thorns and stones. When life hit its lowest she even contemplated the idea of suicide. This became worse when she went financially broke with the divorce and lawyers trying to extract as much money as possible. In addition, the three kids were asked to leave school since their fees were not paid in time. Like things were not bad enough, Kanika hit rock bottom when she badly ill around the same time. This is the point when she realized that was nothing to lose. At her lowest, her family and close friends held the fort for her emotionally and that made all the difference.

After 15 years of being a just a regular homemaker and mother of three kids, the tables turned in favor of Kanika Kapoor. She landed on stage with King Khan and that left her trembling and feeling nervous like she had never felt ever before. In no time, she went from singing devotional songs to doing high-beat songs and item numbers. At her lowest times, Kanika received a call from the office of director and producer, Ekta Kapoor, asking her to sing a song—the iconic Baby Doll song. After all the recording was done, Kanika was hospitalized and was at the rock bottom when the song hit the markets.

After that, there was no looking back for Kanika.

After that, there was no looking back for Kanika. 

kanik4kapoor / Instagram

With a number of hit songs that put her up on the pedestal, Kanika remains humble. She barely ever complains and her only focus is to become a better version of herself each day.

When we open our vision, there are numerous women out there stuck in a difficult marriage and unable to handle a divorce. The fight is very real. To every woman that is going through a difficult time, remember this.

The night gets darkest just before dawn. Life is bound to change for the better. And, Kanika Kapoor is a living testament to that strength.

From being a young single mother to being one of the most sought-after playback singers and performers in Bollywood, she has seen life at its best and worst. What do you think about that?

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