If You Are Getting Married For These Reasons, You Are Making A Big MISTAKE!

Marriage is a beautiful institution that brings people together. But not all marriages preserve the sanctity of that tradition. Especially when done for the wrong reasons, marriage can make life miserable instead of making it easier. If you feel “pressured” to think about getting married, think again. You might be about to make the biggest mistake of your life. That too one you would live to regret.

1. To Get Over Someone

To Get Over Someone


Heartbreaks are a part of life. The way you deal with rejection speaks volumes about your growth and maturity as an individual. Instead of rushing into a marriage, recognize that you are rebounding. When you are hurting, getting yourself a spouse is not how you get back at the person who broke your heart.

2. To “Make Way” For Your Younger Siblings

To “Make Way” For Your Younger Siblings


Especially in India, this peculiar tradition of following the order of birth while getting married is ardently followed. For elder children in the family who are not ready to get married, this causes a good amount of stress and pressure. This is, unfortunately, an unfair tradition. Families should make the younger generation feel free to settle down at their own time.

3. Because All Your Friends Are Married

Because All Your Friends Are Married


It becomes really hard when the wedding season comes. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and exhausted, attending all the weddings. Your social media feeds are flooded with posts of their beautiful weddings. You can’t help compare your life with theirs and for some reason, feel less. Following the bandwagon is not the real solution. The only way to deal with this sense of being inadequate is to accept your life fully.

4. Pressure From Family, Peers, And Society

Pressure From Family, Peers, And Society


No matter how Zen we try to be about relationships and life in general, there are always nosy relatives or intrusive neighbors who set your deepest insecurities raging. But that is no reason to go find somebody to get married to. You are allowed to take time to meet, fall in love, and then choose to settle down with a person.

5. You Feel Lonely

You Feel Lonely


Loneliness is a terrible feeling. Nobody deserves to be lonely. However, if you choose marriage out of loneliness rather than love or mutual understanding and respect, it might happen to be a disastrous journey for both the parties involved. Remember that there are other solutions to loneliness. You can start by building sustainable friendships. You can also try strengthening the relationships you have by reaching out to people you are closest to.

6. To Conform To Traditions

To Conform To Traditions


When it comes to your life choices, traditions should not be the authority. It is alright to respect the traditions, but do not be a slave to them. Take the reigns of your life and find your own happiness.

Take a road less traveled if you think you are more likely to find your bliss that way. Stay single or stay unmarried until you are fully convinced that you are ready for a lifetime commitment.

7. For Money Or Status

For Money Or Status


Money and stature can be good incentives to marry. In a materialistic culture like ours, we are inclined to want more and more of these. However, getting married solely for material gains is the highway to hell. Isn’t it better to be whisked away with love, not be bought. Without love, marrying for money would reduce your marriage to a transaction.

8. You Feel Like You Are “Running Out Of Time”

You Feel Like You Are “Running Out Of Time”


There is no such thing as “marriageable age”. It is a myth, and one that should be done away with. One can and should be able to find love, no matter how old they are. Resist being rushed into marriage because you feel insecure about getting old. Marry when you are truly ready to bear the responsibilities of marriage. Have faith that this way, you will be ready when the right one comes along.

9. To Feel Validated

To Feel Validated


Social media have grown so influential that they hold power over our perceptions and the decisions we make. When we are flooded with pictures of strangers having the time of their lives, we could easily slip away into wanting acceptance and validation from others. Wanting to feel validated is not wrong in itself, but the ways we go about it could sometimes be wrong. Getting married for the sake of having a fancy wedding and gorgeous pictures of the grand ceremony is one of them.

Relationships and marriage in the age of online dating have become very complicated. Even those who are fully in love find it difficult to navigate these deep waters. It is not a sin to feel doubt, but before you do the deep dive, make sure that your relationship is one of growth.

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