How To Choose Concealer For Dark Skin

A. How To Choose The Right Concealer – Tips On Shades And Formulas

Have you always wanted to master professional concealer tricks to get perfect coverage? Here’s the concealer – it’s the most essential item in your makeup routine. It can be a total turnaround if you know how to use it correctly, but one wrong move can make your makeup look disastrous. With color correction corrections in the photo, this can confuse many of us.

I have some important beauty tricks to share with you – from using concealer before or after foundation to choosing a formula that works for you. These are useful tips to help you improve your makeup game and clear up your confusion. Concealer of things.

1. How to choose a concealer formula

Let’s start with the basics. The choice of concealer will depend a lot on what is right for your skin type and your concerns. Before going out to buy a concealer, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for.

a. Liquid concealer

A liquid concealer is the most versatile of the lot. It is perfect for normal, oily or combination skin. It is easy to apply and the cover is buildable, varying from light to full. Liquid concealers come in a variety of styles, such as: B. matt, moist and satin. This type of concealer is the least likely to clog your pores. So, if you have sensitive skin and are prone to acne, I recommend that you try one.

b. Cream concealer

If you have a dry or mixed skin type, the cream concealer will work well for you. The cover is buildable and varies from medium to full. You can choose one with a creamy or satin finish. Its formula and consistency are great for hiding discoloration. Sometimes cream concealers tend to wrinkle with prolonged use. You can prevent this from happening by setting your concealer with a little bit of compressed powder.

c. Adhesive concealer

Stick concealers are a boon for dry and sensitive skin. Depending on the product selected, they may have a satin or matte finish. I found that this type of concealer has coverage that can be expanded from medium to total.

2. Color theory and choosing the right concealer shade for every skin problem

What nobody talks about concealer is that different skin problems require different colors and textures. To suit your skin tone, choose a concealer shade half shade lighter than the base shade. Pay close attention to words like “neutral”, “cool”, “warm” and “beige”.

You can make the most of color theory with concealers. In the color wheel, the colors opposite each other in the spectrum are opposite. Therefore, when used for color correction, they cancel out.

  1. Green is the opposite of red
  2. Orange is the opposite of blue
  3. Yellow is the opposite of purple

Let me simplify it further with a little more explanation.

a. Eliminate your dark circles with concealer

When it comes to dark circles, prefer “warmer” shades to avoid obvious white circles around the eyes. Purple and bluish dark circles are best hidden with an orange to yellow concealer, which is a lighter shade than your skin tone. This will help to mask the discoloration and brighten the skin under your eyes. If, on the other hand, you have brownish circles, use a peach, salmon or orange concealer.

b. Disguises and redness with your concealer

Green concealers neutralize redness on the face – like blemishes and red spots. You can also use it to cover up acne, rashes and red acne spots.

c. Hide dark spots with concealer

Orange and peach color graders can be used along with your regular concealer to effectively cover dark spots caused by acne, aging, sun damage and even freckles.

d. Cover pimples with concealer

To hide the pimples, it is important that the concealer has a thick, dry consistency. You can also use a cream concealer. They usually come in a pot or tube. To remove redness from the Zit, use a green gradation concealer before starting the foundation and cream concealer.

If you’re curious to try the color grading palettes that work wonderfully, check out the Bobbi Brown BBU palette, the Stila Correct & Perfect All-In-One color grading palette and the NYX color grading palette. Make Up For Ever also has these color correction pots that you can buy in different colors to help camouflage dark spots, redness and other problems.

3. How can you hide in the right way?

However, if you want complete perfection, you need to take a step before applying the primer, and then color correction concealers come into play.

After adjusting the color and applying the product, gently press the base with a makeup sponge and then press the concealer. Pressing will ensure that the color concealer remains in place. It is also important to remember that less is more. Therefore, you should only use small amounts of concealer where necessary. You can adjust your makeup with a compact powder to make it last longer.

4. Corrective Hacks That Will Instantly Change Your Makeup Game

These simple tricks go a long way in creating a perfect foundation and will completely transform your beauty routine. You only need one thing – concealer!

a. Apply concealer in natural light

Poor lighting is responsible for the days when you thought your concealer would match your skin and it really wasn’t. The best place to apply concealer is near a sunny window, so that natural light can reveal the performance of your concealer.

b. Triangular concealer trick

Draw a triangle with the concealer and blend it with a small brush or makeup sponge instead of spreading the concealer over the eye area. This helps to completely cover the area and instantly creates the illusion that your face is rising.

c. Concealer on your eyelids

If you don’t want to invest in eye shadow primers, apply a concealer on your eyelids to prevent the shadow from falling off your eyelid or wrinkling. A concealer works just as well as a eyeshadow primer.

d. Concealer for problem areas on your body

A pimple on the back or chest can be easily covered with a small concealer that exactly matches your skin tone. Refill with a little translucent powder to prevent wear.

e. Pop your lipstick

I love using lipstick and I learned that you can prevent the color from draining by covering the outside of your lips with a fine brush and concealer. This will also help to improve the shape of your lips and make them more plump than ever.

f. Contour and highlight with concealer

With a concealer two shades darker than your skin and two shades lighter than your skin, you can contour and highlight your face to further improve your makeup game. A pencil concealer has more control over placement – use the darkest to shade areas that are naturally shaded and the lightest concealer to highlight areas that capture light naturally.

g. Wipe with a tissue

Did you notice your concealer hardening in the lines around your eyes? Take a handkerchief, divide it into two layers and remove excess makeup. You will be surprised at how well this simple step works!

h. Highlight your eyebrows

A concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone can be used to enhance the eyebrows. This instantly raises the eyebrow and enhances the eyes even more!

i. Perfect your winged eyeliner

We all make mistakes when we get the perfect winged eyeliner. During periods of crisis, dip an angled brush into the concealer and use it gently to cover any imperfections. It’s easier and faster than starting over!

Now that you know how a concealer is a wonderful and versatile makeup tool, it’s time to try some of these tricks. You may not get it right the first time, but remember – patience and practice are essential!


B. Best concealer for darker skin tones 2021

Looking for the best concealer for darker skin? As a black woman, I can tell you how difficult it is to reach a makeup counter to find the perfect concealer shade, and you wonder what to choose. You are faced with a range of colors, some with warm tones, some with cold tones and some just neutral. It is no surprise that the beauty industry is still catching up on diversity / inclusion and how to keep women (and men) with richly pigmented skin.

Choosing the shade of the concealer will often not tell consumers how the concealer will oxidize. This means that it darkens on contact with air. Therefore, it is important to be aware of this. To mitigate this, test the concealer on your skin and wait for about 20-25 minutes (you can browse other products while you wait) to see how it changes and whether you are happy with the result.

  1. Best base
  2. Best Makeup Brushes
  3. Best perfumes

However, for deeper skin tones, the first thing you need to get your skin tone right is. You can determine this using this policy:

  1. Warm tone: means that the underlying colors of your skin are gold, peach and / or yellow
  2. Cool tone: it means you have blue and red spots under your skin
  3. Neutral: This means that you have a combination of the above, hot and cold

Generally, when looking for corrective or even foundations, the packaging indicates a skin undertone in the form of undertone letters; H. W, C and N followed by the color number. You have probably seen this before, but you may not know what it means. You can also try the old school trick of trying on jewelry. If silver looks better to you, it means you have a cool tone, and if gold looks better to you, it means you have a warm skin tone. If you can’t really see the difference, it just means that you have a neutral tone.

I have been looking for concealers for my skin color for a long time and I was looking for concealers and, although I found my tones perfect (a concealer that matches my skin tone that I can use to highlight it in a more glamorous effect) I found that problems are mainly in the formations, that is, being very dry, breaking easily or incompatible with translucent powders. I also talked to other women with deeper skin tones and made a list of the top five concealers that serve and complement women with deeper skin tones.

1. Fenty beauty pro filts immediate retouch concealer

Fenty Beauty changed the makeup industry after Rhianna launched a baseline of 50 inclusive colors. The concealers in this line are light and can be built depending on the desired coverage. Most people in the reviews mention that they never found a concealer shade for their skin tone until this line was launched, and mention how many concealers they bought since launch. Personally, I bought some from Fenty Beauty and have been using them for a year. I have to admit, I never saw a concealer that had the perfect shades for darker skin tones.

2.Pat mcgrath: skin fetish: sublime perfection concealer

This product is a high coverage formula that contains a Vita Serum Complex that repels expression lines. It is also available in 36 shades, which means you can find the shade of your skin’s real complexion concealer and make it stand out. Others who have done evaluations said that this product applies smoothly under the eyes, without wrinkles or fine lines, while others said that it looks buttery and is easy to use with a concealer brush or a mix of beauty blender. There are so many colors to choose from if you are looking for more than just concealer and something to contour your face as well. You can really choose how you want to use this product.

3. Beauty bakarie instabake 3-in-1 hydrating concealer

The advantage of this concealer is the moisturizing element, since most people do not like concealer, as it can easily dry the skin under the eyes. Contains the active ingredient of cassava in the product, which comes from the botanical’s water-binding powers. Ideal for those who suffer from dry skin, are always on the move and just want to work with a product that combines skin care and makeup in one. Reviews on the website show that most people love this product because it is light and very easy to mix with a sponge and not easy to wrinkle. It is loved because it is stain-proof and long-lasting.

4. Blackup: without transfer of transfer

Known for neutralizing dark circles, covering imperfections, this product has a natural matte finish that prevents the product from being transferred to clothing. I personally used this product after someone recommended me to withstand the heat and provide a moisture / sweat-proof appearance in hot climates. It is an ideal product to store in your makeup bag on vacation and want to have a glamorous look at night. The only negative aspect of this product, like many concealers with a magic wand, is that it is not hygienic to put the product on your face and then put it back in the tube and repeat.

5. Longwear mac pro broker

Who hasn’t used this concealer? In fact, it was the first concealer I bought when I was a teenager, and I was attracted to MAC by its color palette. It is old, but one of the favorites of all time for many. In addition to providing great coverage, you can always find your tone, regardless of the depth of your skin tone. Most makeup artists and influencers always have this in their kit, and it’s a great staple. The only negative point about this product is that it looks very heavy, but you can control it by choosing the coverage you want, that is, H. From light to medium or total coverage.

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