Fad or Real? How to Decide Whether a New Product is Worth Your Money & Time

We all have good reasons to be increasingly skeptical about what we read anywhere, but especially on the web. Why?

Reasons to be skeptical:

  1.  A large company employs an army of digital workers to bombard us with ads for new stuff.
  2. Companies may pay for good “reviews.”  See the latest news on this!
  3.  Marketing companies help to decide the next latest and greatest ingredient, sometimes based on internet trends and the supplement market trends.
  4.  Derms and docs speaking up for products are often paid by the company.  This comes in the form of research money, advisory board pay, speaking opportunities, etc.  This doesn’t mean that the research is wrong, it just means to be skeptical.
  5. A company may advertise widely and get a million people to buy their product once. Then they fold or mutate and start all over again! “Better than Botox” creams – remember them? Those companies made a ton of money.
  6. Counterfeit “cheaper” skincare products are a big business on Amazon.

7 ways to protect yourself:

  • Just wait a few months. Watch the sites you trust for comments.  Often a product will be dead in 6 months, after a lot of hype, because it does nothing.
  • Establish a great basic regimen for yourself that you know works for at least 3 months. From that base of good skin, add 1 new product for 1-3 months and see if you notice a difference.  Stop, of course, if it irritates you.
  • Find a good derm, or a good aesthetician who can help guide you.  Beware those who want to “redo” all your products.  That’s usually not needed, and there’s no rush.
  • Read sites like ours, and I’ll try to comment more on new ingredients.  🙂
  • Hope in a jar is false. We all know that anything worthwhile comes with consistency, thoughtfulness, and alignment with our values.
  • Talk to friends and family, but make sure they’ve been using the product for at least 3-6 months before you take their comments seriously.
  • Avoid “web fear” and “web hype.”
Hope this helps!
Dr. Brandith Irwin
Founder, SkinTour
Director, Madison Skin & Laser Center
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P.S. I’d avoid the squalene oil for now.  🙂

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