💜Skin care products I use:
EltaMD UV sport
EltaMD UV lip balm
Maybelline mascara
Exuviance Sheer Daily Protection
Colorescience 3 in 1 eye
Seventh generation hand soap
Mineral oil
Cerave Cleanser
Deep Dive water cream
CerAve cream
Cerave healing ointment

💜Other cleansers
Neutrogena hydrating cleanser
Cerave foaming cleanser
Cerave Baby wash
Eucerin Redness Relief
Eucerin Gentle Hydrating
Alpha Skin Care Refreshing face wash
Aveeno Ultra Calming
Simple Gel Wash
FreeDerm Sensitive
Hada labo HA foam
Hada labo cleansing oil
Hada labo gentle cleanser

Zapzyt BHA wash
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💜My Totoro mug

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