Colleagues: These Are The 13 Types Of Colleagues We All Want At Work

The people we work with are an important part of our lives. Simply because we spend 8 or more hours every single day with them, having a good rapport is vital. But just like our lives, the kinds of colleagues that we have are also of mixed colors. You’ll find colleagues who steal your stuff, backbite you, and fill your boss’s ears about all the bad things that you didn’t even do. And the worst part is that you really can’t do much about it if you need to be a team player (sad, but true). But, thank god that he also created colleagues who become family within just months. These are the people who you would happily welcome into your life.

They help you when you are in need, you learn a lot from them, and they create an office atmosphere that is lively yet chill. You spend more time with these co-workers and love to extend your friendship outside the walls of your workplace. Honestly, these colleagues help in making those painful Monday mornings and frustrating Thursday evenings a little better. So, let’s take a look at the types of colleagues we all want at work.

PS: Don’t get greedy; dreaming of having all of the below types of colleagues is as futile as your ex.

1. The Commute Buddy

The Commute Buddy


This is the colleague who picks you up every day while on their way to work or the one who you pick up. You guys bond over your daily road time and traffic jams.

2. The Supportive Colleague


This is the co-worker who has a golden heart. They’ll always bring your spirits up whenever you are low or when you had just gotten a piece of your boss’s mind. When you doubt your abilities, your supportive friend will be there to re-affirm your faith in yourself.

3. The Chef

The Chef


This is the colleague who has amazing cooking skills. He/ she brings the best lunch to work and shares it with everyone. They do not mind getting extra-large boxes of sweets and savory whenever they cook something special or if it’s a special day. Food is definitely the best way to make someone like you— we agree!

4. The “Hello Fraand, Chai Peele?” Mate


This your colleague who cannot live without drinking chai at least three times while at work. They’ll keep calling you to get up and go for a chai and maybe a smoke as well. Over the chai and cigarette, you people discuss random things ranging from your new project to world hunger.

5. The Teacher

The Teacher


The teacher is the most knowledgeable one in the office and he/she knows everything that you don’t. Don’t know how to organize that product catalog? Ask the teacher and they’ll explain things to you so well that you’ll be picturing the whole thing in your mind later on like watching a movie.  

6. The Love Guru


This person is always interested in yours and everyone else’s love life. They know everyone’s relationship status and would love playing cupid with the numerous single people in your workplace. They’ll also help you solve your relationship problems because whatever is it, they’ll know how to deal with it.

7. The Plant Lover

The Plant Lover


This is your eco-friendly colleague who has numerous plants and environment-friendly items on their desks. They will urge you to understand climate change and change your habits for the good of the planet. These are the type of people we need desperately in this world, right?  

8. The Jigri Dost


Your best friend in the office. This person is just as supportive and amazing. But they aren’t the saints that people think they are. Well, you know about it in detail because you are their best friend at work too!

9. The Bubbly One

The Bubbly One


This is your happy-go-lucky friend who literally lights up the whole place and decorates it. Just looking at their face can make you smile and you always wonder how they are so positive and happy all the time.

10. The Funny One


Every office has a funny colleague who is either trying to be funny or who is actually hilarious. Be it both, they’ll make you laugh your guts out in one way or the other.

11. The One Who Knows All The Secrets

The One Who Knows All The Secrets


This person has the blueprint of the office and all the details of the employees including their kundlis. They’ll know all the secrets related to everyone and everything including your boss and manager.

12. The Party Planner


This person is the most active on Friday evenings because that’s when they get to do what they’re best at— partying! They’ll arrange for beer evenings and tequila nights when you are free and they are the best to hang out with if you want to shed out some steam.

13. The Ultimate Savior

The Ultimate Savior


This person knows all the secret exit doors that will help you get out when in deep trouble. They will have your back when your boss is upset with you or you’ve messed things up. Ah! The best people.

While some people are extremely lucky at least to have a few among this lot, some others are really dreading their work environment due to the lack of amazing colleagues. What kind of colleagues do you have and what kind of a colleague you think you are? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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