Cindy Crawford Skin Care

A. Cindy Crawford on Skincare, Stress, and Instagram Secret’s From Kaia

Cindy Crawford was supposed to call me on a Monday morning at 10:30. To be honest, I would wait for the legendary 53-year-old supermodel on the phone all day, but on time at 10:30 am she is ready for our interview with our joint conference president, just before me. Known in the entertainment world for her punctuality and behavior – qualities that she transmitted to her teenage children, models Kaia and Presley Gerber – Crawford, as I will learn soon, is never late. “Where are you calling from?” she asks gently, calmly, almost as if she’s interviewing me. I’m calling from Byrdie’s headquarters, a red skyscraper on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, California. Crawford calls for an hour west on Malibu’s airy coast, where she and her manager Ty Geron Rande Gerber sold their mansion for $ 45 million a few weeks ago. “I think we’re in the same time zone,” jokes Crawford. “It is definitely a different pace.” I promise to do my best to conform to your zen.

More than thirty years after his debut as a model, Crawford – still featured in stylish Super Bowl Pepsi ads while running his own line of skin care Significant Beauty (which launched a new collection at Ulta in 2017) – is an anomaly of industry. “When I was almost 20, I thought my career would be about 10,” she told Town & Country in 2018. “Away with the old ones. And I’m still somehow here.” As much as the modeling world has ended with Crawford, he also announces the new: in recent years, the industry has hit tanner fever and the careers of his 17 and 19-year-old sons, who are so big, have skyrocketed and surprised everything well, you could have sworn they were computerized if Crawford hadn’t created them so down to earth. “I wish I could take the credit,” says Crawford modestly after praising his daughter’s graceful behavior. “But she came out like that.”

It is Crawford’s humility and eloquence that makes our next 30 minutes of conversation as relaxed as Malibu’s pace. We talked about how the beauty and fashion industry has changed since the 1980s, her current skin care secrets, how to stay healthy on such a hectic schedule and what beauty tips she learned from Kaia.

1. How the model industry has changed since the 1980s

“The real act of modeling – being at a show or standing in front of a camera – is, I think, the same as when I started. Which is amazing how Presley or Kaia will work with a stylist or photographer, I’ve worked before. Many of the players are the same. I think the biggest difference for them is the digital part of social media. So, we don’t care much about ‘modeling’. Mandatory style. We don’t have stylists for what we use for a show; they just do a parade. The good thing about Kaia is that I think that, as she sees me as part of her, she takes a similar stance. That means you don’t need to be dressed for the street style of the year every second. It’s a lot of pressure But honestly, customers are looking at your social media – that’s important. You make decisions based on that. I think it works. It’s an extra layer of work.

“When it comes to beauty businesses, I think the biggest change is diversity. It’s getting more and more diverse, and I find that incredible. In every way. Because of social media, everyone is a model of themselves. And we see all kinds of beauty reflected in a much more comprehensive way. From weight to height to natural makeup compared to a lot of makeup. There is no longer an ideal of beauty. I think my generation – me, Linda, Naomi, Tatiana and Claudia – don’t care. we saw them all the same. Instead of all of us having blonde hair and blue eyes, it was like they weren’t clones of each other. We were fine together, but different. Now I think when you look at a catwalk, it’s a thousand times like that. I think it’s really exciting for young people to express themselves in different ideas about beauty. ”

2. How to stay stress free while working constantly

“This is probably the most important thing I do in my day: I get up very early. I am usually the first in my house and I live by the sea (I am very happy). I have a hot tub (very happy). But I am going out. immediately and use that time for two things. One is just to be grateful. Start my day with gratitude. But also to spend the day mentally. I’m going to, ok, already to train, then I have a meeting, I’m going to work out from 8 to 9 so i have a meeting at 9:30 so i need to be ready at 9 so i can jump in the shower i spend my day to see where there might be problems, so i have time to adjust, even if i tell the coach: “We have to be ready 10 minutes early today. ” “Because I hate the feeling of running all the time. And I hate the feeling of being late in planning my day realistically. I live in Malib u – it takes me an hour to get to town. I plan a good time. I’m not planning 50 minutes.” You know, because then I’ll be 10 minutes late. I know friends who are always late. But I prefer to plan an hour and 10 minutes and have 10 minutes to sit in my car, check e-mails or go to Starbucks or whatever. I think these are the ways to stay healthy.

“I also know that my best sleep is from 11 pm to 4 am or 5 am. That’s why I try to sleep in bed at this time. I prefer to sleep until 6 am or 6:30 am, but if I get up early at 4 am or 5 am, I am having trouble getting back to The worst part is when you wake up at 4 and you can’t go back to sleep They say, oh my God, I only had four hours But when I have five and a half hours and then at 4:30 Clock wakes up, I think, ok. I mean, I can get involved, you know? Sometimes you have one I know it happens to me sometimes But if I know something is waiting for me and that’s because I’m not sleeping, then I just get up and try don’t wake anyone up and do that.

“It certainly helps when you love what you do. I mean, I don’t love all aspects. I don’t particularly like using PowerPoints. I don’t love it every time I have to sit down at a board meeting. But I love the ones that have Beauty meaning. I love doing photo shoots. It certainly helps. What is very motivating each day is to make a list of what I have to do today, in a week, in a month. If you cross out things on this list and rewrite, this is very satisfying for me. Because it’s tangible. You can see, oh yes, I did five things. My list is shorter. Unfortunately, we often add five more things, but at least the list is always evolving, you know.

3. In your main skin care advice

“It’s never too early and it’s never too late to take care of your skin. Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh [Editor’s note: The French anti-aging specialist with whom Crawford worked to develop the line] taught me what time it is. I learned that it is like exercise. You exercise once – you don’t see much difference. But if you’ve been exercising regularly for years, you know. I think skin care is the same thing. That’s why I took care of my skin part of my routine.

“Every day, at least every day, I clean my skin in the shower and I love serums because you get more potency. The latest in Significant Beauty is Youth Activating Melon Serum ($ 76) – the main ingredient is the stem cells and has hyaluronic acid and peptides. So I definitely use a serum and apply my day cream. I love our sensitive beauty moisturizer ($ 65). It has SPF 30. It has antioxidants and protection against blue light. only product I would recommend to all ages: you need to protect your skin during the day

“So I always take off my makeup at night. And now we have a new retinol night cream ($ 68) and for cell renewal, especially as you get older, I think that’s increasingly important. And really one of mine favorite product is a triple scrub ($ 52). So it’s a physical peel, but it’s also an enzymatic peel. I do it right before the shower. I like to exfoliate, I don’t have a super peel. Sensitive skin. skin for good products is something you appreciate as your skin ages, you need to first get rid of old things before applying the good ingredients.

“I also learned that this is where you want to spend the money – everything that goes on your skin. So, skin care and foundation. You can get a cheaper mascara, a lip gloss or less expensive nail polish, but it all goes worth investing in your skin. I never want to look like I’m wearing makeup. I prefer people to say, “You look great” or “Your skin looks great,” not “Your makeup looks great.” The only basis ($ 58) ) I use it now by By Terry. I like it because it’s super light. Then I’ll be back with the Amazing Concealer ($ 28) under my eyes or when it’s a stain I don’t want much coverage. ”

4. Following the advice of Beauty (and Instagram), she exchanges with Kaia

“I definitely check out how Kaia does her makeup to get inspired. This generation has incredible access to tutorials on YouTube. If they want to learn how to make a cat’s eye or their eyebrows, they just search Google and find out. And she is. No “I’m afraid of experimentation. I admire it in her. And I kind of look at her to see her trend. It’s so fun. I don’t know if you know who Hung Vanngo is, but he’s an amazing makeup artist in New York and he has that way of making people’s skin just amazing. Anyway, the first time I worked with him was for Vogue and he teased me. He said, “You are probably one of those 90s girls who really likes to blush. ”And it surprised me a little because I remember being 20 years old and looking at my mom’s friends and saying, oh my God, her makeup is always not like it was 20 years ago. They wear a blue eyeliner (which, by the way, you can use again now. But it made me a little surprised. Of course, fashion makes me capable of what happens, but when I see it daily with Kaia, it definitely inspires me too. Like her, I’m going to put on a red lip, and I’ve never been a girl with red lips, but I think, um, maybe I should try this.

“I definitely ask her opinion about the [Instagram] photos at times. How good or bad is that? But I remember my two kids at first saying, ‘Mom, you use too much hashtags – miss the hashtags.’ It was the only time I felt really criticized by them, but it’s funny because we found ourselves talking to a different audience. Some of Kaia’s subtitles, I mean, what does that mean? ‘Like I don’t even understand subtitles for her in half the time, but she has more followers than I do now, so she has to do something right. I’ll ask for her opinion. And the cool thing is that she asking mine, too, Of the unexpected things that arise from the modeling of my two children, we still have something to share. They trust my opinion in this world and know that I know what I’m talking about. I think they have a new appreciation for what I’ve done in the past 30 years, when they say, “My God, you can’t believe what happened on set today.” I will say, “Yes, I was in the same situation,” and we like it.


B. The 15 Beauty Products to Steal From Cindy Crawford’s Glam Routine

If there is a model with a beauty routine that is worth imitating, it is Cindy Crawford. The legendary supermodel has stood the test of time – and at 53 she looks as surprising and unpredictable as ever.

Crawford not only developed an impressive skin care system, but the model also founded the model with Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh launched her own line of skin care called Significant Beauty. “Regardless of whether you’re 20 or 70 – mostly women, but also a lot of men – we all just want a sunscreen, the one that cleansers, so we don’t have to get the latest miracle cream every second.” Crawford AGB said of his skin care line in our May 2018 issue. “As women, many of us spend a lot of money that way and we have drawers full of products, which is a waste of mental energy and space.”

Are you looking to steal Crawford’s beauty and skin care secrets? We have collected her favorite products below.

1. The everyday lip product

Crawford loved her entire family with the classic La Mer lip balm. “One of the moisturizers I really like is La Mer The Lip Balm,” Crawford told Into the Gloss. “My children ask, ‘Where is that La Mer?’ We are all addicted to it. I’ll probably buy six at a time – and it tastes great. ”

2. The secret weapon for your eyes

This concealer is a makeup miracle. “AmazingCosmetics Amazing Concealer Hydrate is great for the eyes,” said Crawford in an interview with W Magazine.

3. Drugstore mascara tested by model

Crawford’s favorite mascara is not a luxury: the model loves this version of Maybelline. “It’s good because I’m done and it’s not very irregular. I really don’t like seeing mascara,” Crawford told Into the Gloss. “This is my favorite mascara and it is cheap.”

4. The daily moisturizer

Crawford uses this product from its own line daily. “Every day, whether it’s rain or shine, I finish the sensitive and ecologically correct moisturizer for beauty, which has a sun protection factor of 30 and is perfectly used alone or under makeup,” the model told the CR Fashion Book.

5. The drybrush number one

Dry brushing exfoliates the skin and can help with circulation, leaving it with smooth and even skin. “I’m a big fan of dry brushing,” Crawford told CR Fashion Book. “My favorite brush is from Elemis, and I try to make time for her at least once a week before taking a shower.” After dry brushing, the model uses a body oil.

6. Body oil after bath

Crawford told Refinery29 that she used this Neutrogena body oil shortly after using her dry brush. “After showering, I use Neutrogena body oil – sesame oil,” said Crawford. “Dry brushing removes dry skin before showering. So I apply body oil and just let it sit for a second before drying. I just love the feel of my skin afterwards.”

7. Multipurpose hair oil

Crawford said this rose oil from her favorite cult hair care brand, Ouai, is one of her favorite products to use on her hair before bed.

8. The one-place eyeshadow palette

Crawford said she likes “soft eyeshadow” when she goes out at night. “Charlotte Tilbury makes it easier,” the model told InStyle. “I like the way she makes her eyeshadow palette and the way she breaks colors. I think it takes some of the intimidation away.”

9. The essential peeling treatment

Crawford said she used this exfoliating treatment from her own brand of Significant Beauty skin care about three times a week, adding that it was “a great way to get rid of dead skin”.

10. The Lip Liner Corrector

Crawford told the Redbook that she used this Charlotte Tilbury lipstick to fill her lips. “The shape of my lips is irregular, so I balance it with the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Pencil in pink Venus.”

11. The “No Makeup” Foundation

Crawford doesn’t like a hardened product, so she prefers this By Terry foundation for a “no makeup” look. “I never want to look like I’m wearing makeup,” the model told Byrdie. “I prefer people to say, ‘You look great’ or ‘Your skin looks great’, not ‘Your makeup looks great’. The only base I’m using now is By Terry. I like it because it is super light.

12. The Pro-Approved Brow product

Crawford told W that the only product she bought from beauty professionals was to use the perfect Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil. The model also gave an internal hint as to how she uses the pencil with Byrdie: “My little trick is that I actually end up folding that brush because I think it’s easier for me to get in.”

13. The daily serum

This serum from the Significante Beleza line is part of Crawford’s daily skin care routine. “I use it on any other product,” the model told Byride. “It’s the first thing on my skin. It provides extra moisture. Not only does it contain hyaluronic acid, but it also stimulates your own skin to produce more hyaluronic acid.

14. The sun protection factor for your hair

Crawford advises people to use SPF every day, and protecting their hair is no exception. The model uses Rene Furterer Solaire products like this one with a sun protection factor greater than 50 for her famous mane.

15. The excellent night cream

After putting on makeup at night, Crawford uses a night cream from his own skin care line. “We have a new retinol and a new cell night cream,” she said. “Especially as you get older, I think that becomes more and more important.”

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