15 Weight-Lifting Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Workout

Many people fear working out with weights. They’re afraid of pulling a muscle or injuring themselves. Others have been sweating it out for months and can see no difference. This can be extremely frustrating. People who do workout regularly know that for a workout to be truly beneficial, exercise should be done correctly. Besides just the workout, what you do before and after a workout are just as crucial. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the mistakes that could be ruining your workout.

1. Not Warming Up

Not Warming Up


Before you start any exercise, you must take at least 20 minutes to prime your body. Warming up allows for the blood to reach your joints and properly lubricate them. This, in turn, will prevent you from experiencing any sort of injury during your workout. Some basic exercises like rotating your arms, running on a treadmill for 20 minutes, and performing some energizing stretches could go a long way in ensuring you get the most out of your workout.

2. Not Asking For Help

Not Asking For Help


If you’re someone who has just started using weights or working out, then it is crucial that you ask a trainer to show you how it is done. Performing an exercise with your posture off is quite harmful. Not only are you not fully benefitting from the workout, but also you could end up tearing a muscle or hurting yourself. Once you get the technique right, it gets a lot easier to perform an exercise on your own.

3. You Don’t Mix Up Your Workouts

You Don't Mix Up Your Workouts


Performing the same exercises daily is comfortable, but it could cause you to hit a fitness plateau. A fitness plateau means that you will no longer experience visible results from your workout. Worse still, it can even cause a strength imbalance. Ensure you mix up your workouts, and don’t do the same exercises every day.

4. Being Reckless With Your Shoulders

Being Reckless With Your Shoulders


This is one thing that could be very harmful in the long run. Unsupported overhead presses, if done without any support or in an improper manner, could throw your shoulders off and cause lifelong injury. To avoid this, warm-up properly and then lift a weight you are comfortable with.

5. Using The Wrong Weights

Using The Wrong Weights


Using weights that are heavier than what you are comfortable with can appeal to your over-achieving streak but will do little to strengthen your muscle. Heavier weights means you’ll get tired easily and will be able to perform fewer reps. When it comes to building your muscles, more reps is more beneficial than greater weights.

6. Sticking To Weight Machines

Sticking To Weight Machines


When working out in the gym, don’t be hesitant to try out free weights such as dumbbells and barbells. These free weights are better at activating muscles. They will also help synergize your workout, making sure you get the most out of it.

7. Forgetting Your Core

Forgetting Your Core


Engaging and strengthening your core plays a pivotal role in your work out. A stronger core means you’re less likely to hurt yourself when lifting weights. A couple of planks are crucial to your workout and must be included.

8. Speeding Through Your Workout

Speeding Through Your Workout


When you rush through a workout, it can lead to a major injury. Apart from this, it can also kill your workout. When you are more focused on finishing the workout, you are less likely to pay close attention to the technique and form. This could both harm your body and your workout. Maintain a consistent, comfortable speed throughout your workout.

9. Working Out When You’re Tired

Working Out When You're Tired


While evening workouts could be the most convenient time of the day for you to work out, they may not necessarily be the best time of the day to workout. Your body is tired out from the day, and you are more likely to injure yourself. If you feel tired when you hit the gym, try switching to some cardio, better still, head home and take some rest.

10. Not Following A Workout Plan

Not Following A Workout Plan


Aimlessly working out at the gym without a plan could lead to you exercising the same muscles again and again, which is something you want to avoid. That’s why we recommend that you switch up your routine. Focus on your upper body one day and then on your back the next. Spicing up your workout routine will not just make it more fun but also more effective.

11. Forgetting to Stretch

Forgetting to Stretch


Once you’re done working out, don’t forget to stretch. Stretching has multiple benefits. It helps your muscles rejuvenate and reduces fatigue. Also, you are less likely to wake up the next morning sore if you properly stretch post a workout.

12. Starting Out Full Speed Ahead

Starting Out Full Speed Ahead


If you’re just starting working out, take it slow. You don’t need to dive fully into a workout. Allow yourself a few days off where you can rest. Be patient with your body and give it the time it needs. Jumping full steam ahead will only result in you developing an injury, and that is a big no-no.

13. Not Paying Attention To What You Put Into Your Body

Not Paying Attention To What You Put Into Your Body


Maintaining a healthy diet is of primary importance when it comes to visible results. If you’re sweating it out at the gym but then coming back home and feasting on junk food, then your workout is not going to be as effective. Ensure you give your body the fuel it needs. Include lots of whole grain, lean protein, and veggies in your meals.

14. Not Listening To Our Bodies

Not Listening To Our Bodies


Your body is always talking to you. Never turn a deaf ear to what it says. If you’re experiencing any soreness or pain while working out, then stop whatever it is that’s causing the pain. Try switching to a lighter weight. This will prevent you from developing any sort of injury.

15. Expecting Immediate Results

Expecting Immediate Results


Setting unrealistic expectations will only dampen your spirit. After just a week of weight lifting, you are unlikely to see any results. Even after a few weeks, results are going to be less visible. Stick to a routine and give yourself plenty of time. Eventually, you will see the results of your hard work.

As you power through your workout, we hope you remember to keep these tips in mind. Listen to your body and keep it well hydrated. We wish you all the very best on your fitness journey!

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