14 Things Men Wish Women Would Do More Often

It’s no secret that men can be hard to read sometimes. Society has conditioned most men into being reserved and not opening up about their feelings and emotions. Here’s a list of things men wish women would do more often:

1. Throw A Couple Of Compliments Around

Throw A Couple Of Compliments Around


Here’s a little secret – men love compliments. Although they’d rather be caught dead than admit to it. When they brush off your compliments, they’re truly blushing on the inside (in a manly way of course). Men are expected to be strong and confident and have excellent self-esteem and women are seen as the emotional ones. But every guy likes to be treated the same way as he would treat the love of his life.

2. Emotional Support After A Rough Day

Emotional Support After A Rough Day


Just as you would love emotional support at the end of the day, so would your partner. Men are allowed to have rough and stressful days too. Mocking them for expressing their emotions or calling them names for the same is just giving into sexist gender roles that we’ve fought so hard to get past. Even if you don’t have any solid advice to offer them, all you need to do is lend an ear, or you could do something nice like cooking his favorite meal.

3. Give An Occasional Massage

Give An Occasional Massage


Who wouldn’t appreciate the occasional massage? Massages are unisex after all. Giving your partner the old Thai style treatment will definitely leave him pleasantly surprised. So next time your man seems sulky or tired from work, just ask him to lay back down and relax. If you’re unsure about how to give a good massage, check out YouTube for some interesting tutorials.

4. Surprise Them With Little Gifts

Surprise Them With Little Gifts


They don’t have to be super grand or expensive in any way. It could be something as cute as a handmade get well soon card when he’s sick or some flowers when he’s having a rough week at work. Just as women appreciate small gestures, so do men. Little acts of kindness are more than enough to show him how much you love him.

5. Make The First Move

Make The First Move


It’s ridiculous that we’re just one month away from 2020 and women still think a man must make the first move. If you find someone interesting and would like to get to know them better, tell them! Playing hard to get is so 2013. Men appreciate confident women who get what they want. Of course, this doesn’t mean pushing a dude to go out with you if he doesn’t want to or coming on too strong. Play it safe and play it classy. Throw in a few compliments and make it evident that you’re interested in him before initiating the asking out process.

6. Try Doing Something He Likes

Try Doing Something He Likes


Yes, a night of sports and beer with his friends might not be the ideal way you’d want to spend a Friday night but think of all the times he’s spent time with your friends. He does a lot of things he doesn’t enjoy for you, so why not turn the tables every now and then and return the favor?

7. Encourage Him

Encourage Him


Every guy loves having his ego flattered. Being his personal cheerleader is the best way to do that. Take him out to dinner when he gets that promotion he’s been coveting or surprise him by jamming to his favorite album when he gets back home after a long day of work. 

8. Make Concrete Decisions

Make Concrete Decisions


Nobody likes someone who dilly daddles. When you take time making decisions, you not only waste your precious time but his as well. Nothing can be more infuriating than somebody who doesn’t respect the value of another person’s time. Answering his questions with ‘whatever’ or ‘maybes’ will also infuriate him beyond belief.

9. Show Him Your Sense Of Adventure

Show Him Your Sense Of Adventure


There’s nothing a man would appreciate more than you taking charge and trying to do things he loves, whether it’s going horseback riding or scaling across his favorite hill over the weekend.

10. Let Him Control The Remote

Let Him Control The Remote


You can miss one episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians for that football match he’s been waiting all week for. Giving him access to the remote will definitely win his favor and who knows, maybe you can cash it in later.

11. Take Him Out On A Surprise Date

Take Him Out On A Surprise Date


Remember that romantic restaurant you guys went to on your first date? The one he wouldn’t stop raving about later. Surprise him after work with a little rendezvous at this spot. And what’s better? Take hold of the bill before he does. He is guaranteed to appreciate the gesture and thank you later.

12. Lend A Helping Hand Around The House

Lend A Helping Hand Around The House


Men aren’t born with a DIY manual strapped to their waists. Although they’ll never admit to it, there’s nothing more attractive to them than a girl who knows her way around tools and is a fixer-upper. So pick up that screwdriver and fix the loose screw on your washing machine tap. 

13. Tell Him If He’s Upset You

Tell Him If He’s Upset You


You’re not a child anymore and giving him the silent treatment and being passive-aggressive will get you nowhere. Being upfront about your feelings and how your partner might have hurt you is the right way to go about resolving any conflict. 

14. Let Him Be The Little Spoon

Let Him Be The Little Spoon


Most men love the feeling of being the little spoon. Mainly because they don’t have to worry about your hair in their faces, give him the opportunity to be the smaller spoon once in a while. Plus if you’re shorter than him, you’ll feel like a little backpack!

It’s 2020, Ladies. Let’s take charge every now and then and show them who’s boss! What do you think of our list? Would you like to give these a try?

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