Zoya Twinkling Holiday 2019 Collection

Zoya Twinkling Holiday 2019 CollectionHappy Tuesday and say hello to The Zoya Twinkling Holiday 2019 Collection. This collection features twelve new colors in a variety of finishes and shades from light and natural to deep and vampy to mega-glittery. There’s definitely something for everyone featured here, I think.

Everything was swatched over a layer of clear gel polish (trying to keep my nails in better shape for swatching) so basically it’s like a smooth base coat. All of these only needed two coats for maximum coverage and I had zero problems.
Zoya Steph


Steph is a pale, warm-toned pink creme.

Zoya Enza


Enza is a “macadamia” creme (their words, but perfect!). I also like to think of this as a computer from 1984 shade. 🙂

Zoya Mai


Mai is a medium rose pink creme.

Zoya Rosa


Rosa is a vivid fuchsia with a pearl finish.

Zoya Tanya


Tanya is a candy-colored red creme.

Zoya Tieran


Tieran is a medium charcoal creme.

Zoya Gabi


Gabi is a deep eggplant purple creme.

Zoya Jett


Jett is a frosted silver with silver glitter that dries matte. You can add top coat for more sparkle.

Zoya Alessia


Alessia is an icy blue metallic with silvery sparkles.

Zoya Jen


Jen is an intense sapphire blue with a very slight purple edge to it.

Zoya Sedona


Sedona is a warm glowing mahogany with red shimmer.

Zoya Kaede


Kaede is a gold metallic fleck with holographic foil. Can be used alone or over others.

Zoya Kaede over Tieran

Kaede over Tieran

Kaede over Tieran.

Zoya Kaede Macro

Kaede Macro

Kaede macro shot. 🙂

Zoya Twinkling Holiday 2019 Collection

Pretty, yes? There are quite a few shades here I really like. Interestingly because Enza is a bit of a strange shade, I really like it on me. I am also loving Tieran, Jett, Jen and HOLY MOLY, Sedona is amazing! You know I love me a lit-from-within glow.  There are definitely some awesome colors here and glitter and/or holo lovers will probably want Keade because it’s quite a unique glitter and pretty cool looking.

You can find the Zoya Twinkling Holiday 2019 Collection on their site now in the full sets, trios or singles.

Now I want to hear which are your favorites!

And in case you missed it, here are my latest favorite base and top coats!


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