When Ironing Your Sheets is Not What it Seems

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I’ve often fantasized about seemingly ridiculous things I’m sure only my time-strapped, over-scheduled, crazy-busy friends can appreciate.

Things like keeping an impeccable refrigerator (sans fingerprints, week-old take out containers and open cans of half-used refried beans), a highly functional linen closet where all the towels are organized by color and linens are categorized by use, and crisply ironed bed sheets.

I hope I’m not outing myself as a ridiculous Mrs. Cleaver wanna-be but I always imagined that freshly pressed sheets would make bedtime feel more special and bring with it the most lovely, restful sleep. (I suppose that’s why a weekend in a luxurious hotel typically makes one feel renewed upon checkout.) As much as the idea of a crisp hotel bed in my own bedroom sounds beyond amazing, I’ve never actually made the effort to get out my iron while making the bed. Until now.

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In keeping with my resolution to be kinder to myself in 2016, I decided to iron my bed sheets this weekend.

First I have to admit ironing sheets is HARD. Like, impossible hard. I have a king size bed and as I pressed the wrinkles out in sections across my ironing board the finished work was pooling up in a heap on the floor, forcing me to repeat the process several times over. The whole ordeal was sort of a joke until I finally decided this task was not at all a way to be kind to myself, and ended up just pressing the most exposed areas.



sheet detail

Even this modified ironing job was difficult and time-consuming. I decided it would be kinder to myself to just appreciate the Pottery Barn-styled beds from afar, and embrace the wrinkles in my bedding. No matter how hard I try, my bed will never look like this perfectly pressed bed:

crisp bed

Also, I realized that fine Italian sheets make for an amazing night’s rest, even with wrinkles. My new Restoration Hardware Egyptian cotton 600 TC sheets are even better than my favorite Hotel Collection sheets. I’m ditching the iron and being kind to myself at the spa.

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