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What’s up?

I’ve been waiting a good subject to post about, you know, like coming back with a bang, but anything hasn’t really happened.

But I’ve been slowly starting to do makeup looks again (other than boring neutral everyday looks), and I thought I’d share some of them here too. They have been already been in my facebook page and instagram, but here are some of them again anyway:

Recently Illamasqua released a new collection, called Paranormal.

I came across their amazing promotional photo, and wanted to do my own version of it:

Mainly Illamasqua products used, Complement palette, Kontrol lipstick and Boost instense lipgloss.

 Then I wanted to try the Kim Kardashian makeup, mainly the skin-thing she does, and managed to do this:

I used a ton of products, something like 5 shades darker foundation that I normally use, white under my eyes etc. Not really your light everyday look -_-
As opposite to huge amount of makeup, I added some fake freckles to myself and went all “natural redhead”: 😀

 Then something different again, I went all R.
You know, from Warm Bodies? (Still haven’t seen it though.)

Anyway, I wasn’t pretty:

Then one of my favourite characters, Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show:

I was also doing makeup at the photoshoots, it made me realise how much I really suck at general photoshoot looks. I tend to over-do everything horribly. Well, now I know better.

some of the photoshoot pics here and here, by Iiris

For a moment, I also was Death:

Finally, I did a Borderlands look for my husband:

And last a test makeup for Mad Moxxi look from Borderlands:

So there.

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