Videotutorial: Everyday look + My makeup collection video!


I’m trying to be more comfortable with making videos, so here’s two videos for you!

First we have a simple everyday look done with Makeup Geek shadows:

Watch the (silent) tutorial here:

No sound, because my kid was watching tv right next to me, and commenting everything, so I decided not to add sounds at all 😛

And here’s something you have requested for a long time, my makeup collection:

The containers holding all my loose shadows and pigments and samples are from store called Clas Ohlsson, and the black drawers are from Ikea, drawers are called ‘Helmer’. Mine are OLD (10 years or older I guess, my husband has bought them before we even met), so some of the drawers don’t even open anymore. 😛 But otherwise they are great! And the last drawer-thingie is from recycle center, so I can’t really tell anything about it :/

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