The Mystery of the Trader Joe’s Mystery Bags…Revealed!

The Mystery of the Trader Joe’s Mystery Bags…Revealed!

Well, this was a first.

I can say with 100% certainly that I’ve never been as excited about reusable shopping bags as I was on Christmas Day when I opened those sets of Trader Joe’s Mystery Bags.

I was hoping for bags from remote locales (remote to me, like Anchorage and Key West), so I gnashed my teeth when I saw this one from another town in Northern California…

[SIGH] There’s a donkey on it saying, “Eureka!” though, which kinda makes up for it.

My favorite is this one from Louisiana, which has seafood nestled in what appears to be a tuba on one side of the bag, and aromatics (onion, pepper and celery) on the other.

Weird, but I like it!

This blue hen on the Delaware bag makes me wish I was dual-CCL (a crazy cat & chicken lady).

Oh, and I love the regal red and purple on the New Hampshire bag, too. The purple flower is a lilac, right?

Last, but not least, these two lovebirds on the Virginia bag look like they’re whispering sweet nothings to each other about TJ’s Sliced Brioche (my favorite thing to have for breakfast these days).

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