September Top 5

Hello lovelies.

September was a bit of a tough month for me. I caught tonsillitis, twice. The baby grew out of the newborn stage, which means no longer could I rely on marathon naps lasting 3hrs, and the 3yr old suddenly turned into a threenager and required constant attention. But did this mean I stopped wearing makeup? Hell no. Except maybe on some of the sick at home days. But what it meant is I stuck to boring old, but very trusty, neutral shades to get me through the tough times.

1. Zoeva Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette – new addition to my makeup family and I love love love it. The colours are pigmented and amazing quality, with no fall out. And best of all, all the shades are wearable and application is a no-brainer, any shade even just quickly applied on the lid will work.

2. LA Girl Matte Pigment Glosses (Colours pictured here are Dreamy & Playful)- these are the kind that you apply like a gloss and they dry to a super matte budge proof finish. These are the best type of lippies to wear when you have young kids as they won’t transfer onto them (if you’re like me and constantly cuddle and kiss them).

3. Illamasqua Blush in Naked Rose – my trusty favourite, it’s a neutral rose pink that is not over the top and gives just the right amount colour to my cheeks. I’m sure you can tell from the pan that this gets a lot of wear!

4. Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish in Lose Your Lingerie – this soft pink polish hardly left my nails all month. Why? Dries super quickly, laps about a week without chips and goes with absolutely any outfit I wear.

5. Carmex Original Lipbalm – See point number 2. Those super matte lippies are also super drying on the lips. Not to mention the fact being sick also dries out the lips. I’ve been using the original Carmex for years and years as I find this is the only lip balm that actually moisturises my lips without simply masking the dryness.

What have been your favourites in September?

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