Saturday Surfing, October 5, 2019

Saturday Surfing, October 5, 2019

Hello and happy Caturday, my friend!

Just a quick hi before we head to the city to meet a couple of friends visiting from out of town.

Wow… This was a challenging week. I know I haven’t been around as much as usual, but we’re only just now getting back into the swing of thing around heres. Connor was fighting a virus and missed a few days of school, but she’s back to her charming, sassy self. I hope you had a good week, and I hope you’re doing something fun this weekend.

Whatever you’re up to, I hope it involves coffee, because I’m all about my coffee this morning. It’s giving me life!

  • Props to the artists who worked on this woman’s zombie makeup, which was so spot on that the hospital staff thought it was a real-deal medical emergency!
  • How Emmy-winning makeup artist Nicki Ledermann (who also worked on Sex and the City, among other projects) got in Joaquin Phoenix’s face to apply that iconic Joker makeup for the new movie.
  • A look at the science behind skin care superstar ingredient, hyaluronic acid.

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