Not Your Average Lipstick: 3 New Lip Color Trends

A few weeks ago I wrote about that this awesome brand new lipstick out of Kailijumei that is on everybody’s summer wishlist. The crystal clear lipstick — that turns a shade of pink once it has been implemented — has been speckled with gold flakes and has a real flower inside of it. It out ’s on everybody else’s wishlist too — so it might be tough to get your hands on it straight away. Fortunately, there are plenty of other lip trends to try in the meantime. Look at these lipsticks and glosses that are altering the way the attractiveness world defines lip colour.

lipstick trends

Color play — Normally with lipstick, what you find is what you get. But these companies are pushing boundaries with color, before and after you apply.  Illamasqua’s Limited Edition Lava Lip – Marble Lipstick blends pinks and purples into a gorgeous marbled pattern. How can it seem after it’s implemented? The main color here is pink, although some regions will have an ombre fade to some darker purple shade. Frog Prince Lipstick from Lipstick Queen is just another daring lip option — since it’s bright green lipstick. However, like its namesake frog prince, this lipstick comes with a mystery.  Within moments of employing, the lipstick reacts to the warmth of your skin, and turns into a rosebud pink.

Heavy metals — There’s not a more perfect time for metallic makeup than summer. Eyeshadows and nail colours will be the least risky ways of trying out this trend, but for the daring, there’s metallic lipcolor. The Wicked Lippies lineup from NYX has an awesome shimmery shade that turns out your pout a shiny gold. And then there’s Heavy Metal by Ka’oir — a moist, silvery lipgloss with a high-shine, long-lasting mirror finish.

On the surface — Colors aren’t the only way lipsticks are pushing borders. They’re also playing texture beyond the aged glistening versus matte. This Melted Matte Liquified Lipstick from Too Faced glides on smoothly like a gloss, but dries glossy.  This way, you receive a perfect application with the opaque, color-rich matte finish that lasts for hours. What about some thing low-maintenance that you just apply once? After this matte-finish Lip Saved from Milk Makeup goes on, it remains all day. That’s as it warms the skin’s top layer, providing you a boldly colored lip which doesn’t need too many touch ups.

Which would be your new favourite lip designs to try? Share under.

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