My Daily Treat!

Oh Hai,

As so many of you may knowI have quite the sweet tooth and like to have a glowing chocolate fix throughout my working (and let’s face it, non-technical haha) afternoon, so, when Ooola Keys got in touch to tell me about their new indulgent mousse desserts, so I was all ears.
Composing a novel (Wilde two is out next year, I Want to get a wriggle on- argh!) Is hard work and also a girl desires a treat, particularly when it’s just 90 calories (the pots are 60g) making it a very permissible every day treat! No guilt for this Mama like I like both Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse swirled with raspberry puree and hidden choc chips (when I can hide them from Liam long !
#ShareThemOrNot) or even the Triple Chocolate Mousse having a secret caramel core thank you very much!

Our house is always packed full of treats (Liam is a fiend and now Darcy is a normal six year old) but it’s a real joy to have some luxuries like that for me to indulge in whilst I am working or, if I am feeling crazy, at the bath with my favourite Netflix displays playing on my laptop that I glamorously prop up on top of my laundry basket- I know how to dwell haha!
Ooola Secrets has slipped all too easily into my daily life and I can’t find them stopping any time soon. Next time you’re in the shops, make sure you select a pack up and you may thank me afterwards, tehe! They’re offered in Tesco, Costcutter, P&H and separate shops nationally with a RRP of 2.39 to get a 3 package (3x60g) or you can locate them HERE.

Well, now I have shared this and you’re life was made all the better for this, I have to go and finish another chapter of my new novel and try not to consume another pot!


(This article is a paid for advertorial)