Mother Nature Maternity Shoot

Oh Hai!

I’m writing this article in 39 weeks , sat in giant pants and old t-shirt and rebounding a baseball ball. I bet even Beyonce wasn’t as glamorous as this when she had been’in the family way’, eh?
I have been wanting to share these pictures for a few months but haven’t really known where or when would be best. 
Because I am fast coming to the end of my pregnancy trip, I decided now would be perfect. 
Back in Fall I asked Linda Blacker if I could hire her Awesome photography solutions to create a maternity shoot using a gap. I had spent a great deal of time trawling through pinterest and watching beautiful girls in fields with golden light, stunning silhouettes in black and white and white men using their hands protectively holding bumps with care. I adore all these but I actually wanted something somewhat more charming. 
If there’s one woman who can do magic photoshoots, it is Linda Blacker. If you click on , you’ll view more of her awesome work. Go to her with half an idea and she will make you something amazing I promise. 
We decided to a Mother Nature theme. 
Mother Nature is Awesome. She’s powerful, she brings life, she awakens it, she loves it. I wanted something that really bought out the power that pregnancy brings. We concentrate a great deal on love and gentle tenderness but there’s a whole great deal more to making a baby. Your own entire body is going absolutely insane construction, designing, growing – that is very powerful in my own book. 
I desired to add Darcy in the shoot for apparent reasons. My two babies. 1 daughter waiting for another. Mother Nature’s little fairy, patiently standing by her side. 
The shoot was held at my home, in my garden with smoke bomb magic added following Darcy, bulge and I were far away! 
It was very special to do something somewhat different and have such magical images of the three of us to cherish. Do you love them?

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