I’m Back! My New Podcast is Out, Plus YouTube & Other 2019 Plans

Man, I miss you guys.  

I think about you all the time. Every time I discover a new skincare product, fall in love with a new ingredient, have a skincare breakthrough, go down a new beauty rabbit hole, learn something interesting about skin science or beauty chemistry – I think of you. 

For those who don’t know – I started a digital product design agency with a partner back in 2015 and it took off really quickly — which is amazing! That’s what you want to happen when you start a business! But I didn’t have time to blog anymore (especially w/ the heavily researched style of blogging I was doing). I had to give it up for a while, which was a difficult decision, but very necessary at the time for the sake of my sanity and my new business venture. 

But now I’m moving into year 4 of our agency, so I’ve got a pretty good feel for how things run and how to manage my time well – which means I don’t have to work so many late nights anymore. 

So I started thinking about ways I could come back and share everything I’m discovering with all of you again.  I had a LOT of ideas – and now they’re coming to life!

Here’s What’s Happening:

1. I Have a Podcast!

Or, more accurately, we have a podcast. I’ve teamed up with my favorite beauty experts/BFFs to create a fun and informative beauty podcast called “Beauty Beyond Basics (AKA Triple Bees).” We cover everything beauty-related, from new makeup and skincare releases, to the social issues that intersect the beauty world — including the lack of representation of WOC in certain big name brands’ campaigns, and the lies celebrity tell us about how they got their perfect skin. 

Our 2nd episode just came out today!

My co-hosts are a diverse group of smart, hilarious women from cities along the east coast of the U.S. and Canada – and I think there’s a pretty good chance you already know some of them! 

The hosts for this podcast are:

Sheryll Donerson (Atlanta) 
The Wanderlust Product 
Beauty editor, competitive power lifter

Coco Park (Montreal)
 The Beauty Wolf
Beauty editor, published author

Tiffany Marie Peterson (The Bronx)
Healthcare advocate, public speaker

Kerry Thompson (Raleigh) 
Skin & Tonics
Product designer, published author

Your Triple Bees Podcast Hosts

It’s available everywhere podcasts are found. I would LOVE it if you guys would listen – and if you love it (like I think you will) – rate and subscribe to us!

Oh, and we curse on it sometimes, so maybe don’t listen to it with your kids. 

You can find us on:
• Apple Podcast App
• Google Podcast App 
• Spotify
• Stitcher
• TuneIn / Alexa
• Overcast
• PocketCast

…and basically anywhere that has a podcast library. 

We’re always open to new show topic suggestions, so if you’re listening and have a great idea about something you’d like to hear us discuss, please let us know! You can just email me, or you can get in touch with all 4 of us at once on any of our social media channels:

• Instagram: @TripleBeesPodcast
• Facebook: @TripleBeesPodcast
• Twitter: @TripleBeesPod

We post selfies, show notes, and pictures of the products mentioned on each episode on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so follow us there if you’re into that sort of thing. 

2. I’m Doing Product Reviews on Instagram

If you want to see a consistent stream of skincare product reviews from me, come follow me on Instagram. I’m @skinandtonics

The reviews aren’t as long and in-depth as my old blog posts – which is what makes them manageable for me to keep up with. However, you can still count on me to provide key information about ingredients, the performance of the product, how I work it into my routine, what makes me love (or hate) it, price, and where you can find it. I hope you’ll come join me there!

I try to respond to most comments, so if you’re looking for a place to interact with me outside of this blog, Instagram is totally the place to do it.

3. I’m Starting a YouTube Channel

Say whaaaaaaaat! 

Yeah, man. YouTube! And honestly, I’m terrified – because I feel like shit gets mean in a YouTube comment section reeeeeaaaaal fast. And also because I can barely tolerate having my picture taken, so video is whole other level of angst for me. 

BUT. I have so many content ideas and information I want to share that I think would come across best via video! So I’m gonna do it. 2019 is just gonna have to be the year I get over my scopophobia once and for all and make some skincare videos. 

What kind of video content can you expect?

Interesting evidence-based skincare tips and information that’s explained in an entertaining, conversational way — stuff you can easily and immediately apply to your own routine.  If your favorite Skin & Tonics content was more guide-oriented stuff like my skincare routines, or articles  like “The Importance of Fatty Acids, pH & the Moisture Barrier: How I Eliminated my Acne & Decreased my Skin Sensitivity,” then you’re gonna be hype for this channel.

It’s all content I don’t see out there yet, so if you feel like you’ve reached the end of YouTube, maybe my videos will rekindle your enthusiasm. 

My first videos are a series about my skincare routine, and that’s going up in February. I’ll probably post all the routine videos pretty close together, but after that, I’m aiming for weekly posts. 

What you won’t see: makeup tutorials or one-off reviews. Any product mentions or recommendations will be in the context of a bigger discussion topic, for a couple of reasons.

First, I’m trying to avoid contributing to the extreme consumerism that the YouTube community is known for. We don’t all need every single new skincare product that comes out! Second, I’m only going to have time for one video a week, so I would like that video to have some substance beyond a single product review (that’s what my Instagram is for!). 

Also important to note: I do not use the words “shook” or “obsesssssed” in my every day vernacular, so you won’t hear them in my videos either. I’m 40, guys. I can’t talk like that without sounding like:

Oh – and for every video that I post on YouTube, I’ll also be doing a post here that includes the video as well as show notes — stuff like ingredient lists and links to relevant studies. So if you aren’t on YouTube a lot (or at all), you’ll still get videos!

Sooo…what do you think?

I hope all of you love the Triple Bees Podcast and will join me on my Instagram & YouTube adventures!

Do you think you will? Which are you most interested in? Let me know in the comments! 

I’m so excited to be back!

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