Halloween tutorial: Were-animal

Another tutorial for halloween!
I’ve had quite a few requests to do a werewolf inspired look lately. 
Personally I think a real werewolf look looks something like this:
Pic from Nimba Creations
But I also know that the traditional werewolf look isn’t a) easy to achieve (because it needs a lot of work and pre-made prosthetics etc)  and  b) it’s not very… girly.
So I decided I’d try to make some kind of were-animal look, and here’s the result:

I know it’s really not a  wereWOLF, nor it’s anything clearly recognizable, but maybe it works for someone’s Halloween look! 😀

Start with foundation (it can be few shades darker than your normal foundation, just make sure you also apply it to your neck and other parts that might be showing).
Then apply brown color to your forehead, under cheekbones and a hint of color also to the nose. (I used brown grease color from MUFE 12 color palette):

Boy, doesn’t that look stupid!

Next take a brush and black color, and paint over the brown, leaving clear brush marks:

Not much better, still looks stupid 😀

Then some more depth and texture by adding white to high points of face:

Then the bushy eyebrows!
I used my regular brow color (Beverly Hills Anastasia palette), and brown gel liner and thin brush:

Next eyes.
Since the makeup is basically regular smokey eye, I didn’t take any photos of the making. Black shadow blended with brown.
Just make a clear outer V, and also line your lower lashline so that there’s a “V” in your lower inner corner too:

Then the small fixes.
Add some shading to sides of the nose if you want, darken the tip of the nose if you want it to be more animalistic, blend the colors in the face together (I applied powder to blend them), and add falsies:

Finally some details.
Add thin brush strokes to darker areas on forehead and cheeks to make them look “furry”, apply some white shadow to inner corners of the eyes, apply lipstick if you want:

To really finish the look, use (yellow/wolf) contact lenses (my eyes are photoshopped to look like I would have contacts), and  if you really want to go hardcore, get yourself a pair of fake fangs to go with the look.

And as you can see, you can wear either pale lips or dark lips, depending what kind of result you want. I think both work!

Some without photoshop: