Halloween tutorial: Scary sexy character

Woop, first Halloween tutorial!
I always get asked to do a tutorial for “sexy _____” (vampire, alien, witch, demon etc)
Personally I don’t really think you should look particularly sexy for halloween, but here’s something that should work, whether it’s scary sexy nurse, witch, demon, or what ever.

 First you start with the skin. I made mine paler than usually by mixing some white grease paint with my foundation:

Creepy already ;D

Then the eyes.
After primer, apply black shadow to your lid:

Use blending brush and black/gray/purple/red color to blend the black:

 Then do the same for lower lashline:

Then for waterliner use the perfect halloween gel liner from MakeupGeek, called Poison:

For upper lashline I used black gel liner (Immortal from MakeupGeek)

Then I used a thin brush to create “veins/cracks/smudges” with the red and black gel liner:

Finally I added mascara and Faux Lashes Violet Noir false lashes to bring some OOMPH:

I think it’s very versatile look, you can wear it with nude lips:

Or red lips:

You can add a wig and accessories and heavy brows:

Jewelry is from Athene Nocturna

Or my favourite, add some fake blood to the look, and you’re SO ready for halloween party!