Halloween tutorial: Illamasqueyes

This is the look #3 from Illamasqua’s Halloween facecharts:
Again I started with mixing some white to my foundation to create pale face:

Then I started to shape the eyeshadows by using a thin brush and black gel liner (pencil will do fine too):

When I had the desired shape, I applied matte black shadow to whole lid:

Then I applied Illamasqua’s Bedaub Cream Pigment above the black shape (you can also use any light green cream product, or just white to make the color pop):

Over the cream pigment I applied Sugarpill’s Midori shadow:

Then more Sugarpill, After party to the lower outer corner, below the black wing:

Then some black, make quite heavy line to your lower lashline with black, also make a wing to the inner corner too:

And add Sugarpill Afterparty below the inner wing too:

Looks quite scary 😀

Then line your waterline with black:

Apply mascara, and false lashes to the lower lashline (mine are Faux Black Sparkle) (I also used falsies to the upper lashline, brandless cheap lashes):

Still scary!

Then I used lash glue to attach large black rhinestones:

And to make it a bit less scary looking, I added myself eyebrows with blue eyeliner:

I finishes the look with Illamasqua Disciple lipstick and a hint of Illamasqua liquid metal Surge on the lips:

Head jewellery from  Athene Nocturna

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