Dewy Skin: Love It or Leave It?

Dewy Skin: Love It or Leave It?

Love it, love it, LOVE IT! You know how it is with trends, though… Like the frosty brow bone, super skinny brows and early Aughts pale glossy lips (remember when everyone was wearing MAC Oystergirl?), I’m sure the time will eventually come when dewy skin will be considered “over,” but I hope that time never comes, because a dewy finish is the most natural-looking and most forgiving finish on my 40-something skin.

To pull off a matte finish, I have to put in a lot of work (sooooo much buffing and blending), to make it *not* look heavy or textured. So give me the dewy finish of a tinted moisturizer and a demi-matte powder any day of the week.

How about you?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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