Best of the Best: Emily Noel of Beauty Broadcast

Best of the Best: Emily Noel of Beauty Broadcast

Guess who’s been binge-watching Emily Noel’s Beauty Broadcast YouTube channel?

You guessed it: me!

Among the many reasons I love her stuff — her mad makeup skills, her cute accent, her fervor for the felines, etc., etc. — the biggest reason is how well she explains why she does what she does and likes what she likes.

I love her explanations! She’s sensational at describing exactly why she chooses certain products or prefers particular tools or techniques, and she’s simultaneously succinct and chatty. I always feel like I’m learning something new.

I really noticed how well she describes things in the video at the top: Makeup for People Who Don’t Like Doing Makeup, about which I said, “Damn, she’s good,” the first time I watched it. Emily really breaks it down — why she recommends IT Cosmetics tinted moisturizer (wide shade range, flexible coverage), how to apply it, why she prefers to blend it with a particular e.l.f. brush instead of using her fingers, and why she likes to use another brush to apply the bronzer.

She’s polished, thorough and logical, and yet it never seems like she’s reading from a set of Ikea instructions on how to build some shelves.

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