Beast is blue.

Hank “Beast” McCoy is a character from Marvel universe.
He seems to look different in every single strip, but basically he is always furry and blue.

Kelsey Grammer from X-Men: The Last Stand
Some of Beast’s appearances
This was my main inspiration for this look.
So my poor husband ended up as my model, and it was time to get blue!

When I started making the look I really had no idea what I was doing, as you can see from the pictures:

But I was quite happy with the result, the sideburns really made a difference!
(I made the sideburns from furry legwarmers, just cut two pieces off them and slapped them to my husbands face using some lash glue :P)

What else did I use besides legwarmers? MUFE 12 Flashcolor palette, MUG black eyeshadow, Sugarpill Velocity, MAC Blue Charge Zoom Lash mascara (quite perfect for turning the beard blue btw!) and white pencil.

Yes, quite heavily photoshopped, including the eyes.
 Funny, if you change the pic to black&white, he kinda looks like Wolverine too ;D

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