Anniversary Trip

September 26th was our tenth wedding anniversary! We had big hopes leading up to our tenth anniversary that we’d go somewhere tropical, on a plane, and lay on an exotic beach for a week without the kiddos – maybe even renew our vows. As you know, life can throw you some curveballs, so we spent our anniversary ordering takeout with the family – and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We ended up making a quick anniversary trip this weekend to Asheville. My hubby and I don’t get away without the kiddos except once a year when we head to Grove Park Inn for two nights (typically the second weekend of November) since it’s all decorated for Christmas. Hench – Crazy Christmas lady.

Disclaimer: there are 500 million selfies and when you go to Grove Park there’s also 500 million couples. So anytime we took a picture of another couple they would offer to take a picture of us.

We always sit right where this picture was taken to people watch, talk and watch the sunset.

What I’m Wearing: Jumpsuit | Top | Coat | Sunglasses | Shoes (Similar Shoes) Husband Wearing: Shoes | Pants | Shirt | Vest

We usually go to Biltmore (I love the way the grounds are decorated during the holidays) and sneak over to the winery. This time we just stayed put at the Grove Park. My husband’s parents came into town to watch the kiddos, and we left Charlott on Friday. We started the day at the car dealership – obvioulsy because it’s only natural that I would have a screw go through my tire as we’re leaving town. 😉

Wearing: Jumpsuit | Top | Coat | Sunglasses | Shoes (Similar Shoes)

Wearing: Shoes | Pants | Shirt | Vest

We made it to Grove Park around noon and sat on the terrace and enjoyed lunch and drinks. We sat by the fire for a good hour. We walked around, stopped in some of the shops, and had dinner right there on the property. I’m pretty sure we were in bed and asleep by 8:00pm! Delightful!

The next morning I was up at 4:30am! Daylight savings and earlier the week I had early call times and was up at 3:45am to get on the road by 4:30am. I spent the morning surfing the internet for furniture and on Pinterest. We Facetimed with the kiddos around 8:00am and by 8:15am Henry lost his first tooth. He has been tugging on this tooth for MONTHS now! The Tooth Fairy 😉 will wait until Sunday night when mommy and daddy are back in town.

Saturday morning, we had brunch on the property and then went to the most adorable Christmas store. This is our fourth year going to Grove Park this time of year, and our tradition is to go into the little Chriasm shop and pick out an ornament for the kiddos. This year we got Oli a little gymnast and Henry a running ornament.

Later that morning, we had a couples massage, used the spa, and had lunch outside by the pool. It was amazing! Then we pretty much repeated what we did the day before… got ready, walked around, enjoyed cocktails, watched some football, and I almost passed out before our 8:00pm dinner reservation.

I died at this picture when my in-laws sent it. Oli in pajama pants with her green sorts over top. I’m thinking those are her sneakers which are 2 sizes too small and smell like death (but it’s all she’ll wear!) A jacket, a vest and I’m not sure where she found that hat! hahahah!

Wearing: Skirt | Sweater | Booties (old) | Hat (old) *linking similar

I could sit in this same spot for hours and we did just that. It really was the perfect, relaxing getaway and we met and talked to lots of other couples which was nice too.

Ready for dinner before the husband and hoping I don’t fall asleep before our 8:00pm dinner reservation!

On Sunday, I was up by 6:00am ready to go, bags packed, makeup on… haha! The perfect time away with my hubby! I couldn’t wait to squeeze and hug my sweeties!

We got home and took the kiddos to the mall. We promised Henry a lego if he kept his promises of being ‘the man of the house’ while we were away. We also had lunch at Cowfish and Oli took a late nap.

A sleeping (napping) Oli girl! I’m a little sad because I know her time in the crib is coming to an end as she’s almost three.

Henry tucked into bed with his tooth! 🙂

All in all, it was a great weekend! A good time away to reset!


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