18 Month Baby Update – She’s Officially a Toddler!

Hi Bellas,
It’s been too long since Bella was in a video! I’m giving you her 18 month update. She’s officially a toddler and is getting into everything! I share a super scary ER experience I had with Bella and how life has changed with Corona Virus. Check it out!

Mommy Updates

  • Weight Gain – I’ve gained a few pounds but I’m stable.  I stopped doing keto last summer but I still work out 5 days a week at home with my youtube workouts and I think I’m in a good place.  I do think I can probably clean up my eating habits a bit now that I’m not traveling and I am not getting take out during this Corona Virus.

Baby Updates

  • ER Visit – In January Bella accidentally grabbed her grandpa’s coffee and experienced a large 2nd degree burn to her chest.  Thankfully she’s healing well and she shouldn’t experience any permanent scarring.  We spent a few weeks changing dressings but now we just apply good old cocoa butter twice a day and keep the sun exposure to a minimum in that area.  
  • Braces Already? – Bella had her first dentist appointment.  They can already tell she needs braces because her bottom teeth are crowded, oyvay!
  • Copy Cat – Bella is singing, talking and copying everything we do!  She is taller and gets into everything!
  • Bye Bye Bottle – We’re officially off the bottle and onto sippy cups.  Took a little longer than I hoped but I’m grateful she self weaned from the pacifier early so hopefully her teeth won’t experience any negative effects.