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​Makeup secrets for a magnificent look

When it comes to makeup and beauty, we all look for new ways to improve our skills and become better at doing our makeup. So, in this video, we are sharing some amazing beauty hacks and makeup tips that will turn you into a beauty expert and that they will make your life easier.

– If you are new to contouring and you struggle to make your nose appear shorter and narrower, we show you how you can achieve in no time using a fork.
– You can use a kitchen sponge to apply foundation instead of a beauty blender because it can make it will help blend out the foundation evenly without making it appear streaky.
– You can use posted notes to apply mascara in order to prevent little accidents and keep your eyelids clean.
– You can also use lash gel to prevent your lipstick from getting smudged when going out for a coffee or dinner.
– In addition to those makeup hacks, you can also use tape in order to achieve the perfect winged liner. No need to struggle while applying eyeliner when you can create the cat-eye of your dreams.
– If you woke up with some dark undereye circles and you are in a rush to get to work, you can add some green tea pre-brewed teabags on your eyes for a few minutes in order to eliminate them.
– If you run out of makeup remover, you can use olive oil to remove your makeup even the waterproof products.

In addition to those hacks, we also show you many different ways to organize your makeup in order to maximize space and get the most out of your unused items. We also show you how to use magnetic tape to create your own travel makeup palette so that you won’t have to take all your makeup products with you when in reality you only need a few colors.
– You can create your own makeup brush holder using an old Pringles container and a roll of gemstones.
– You can also use cutlery/kitchen organizers to organize your makeup drawers as well. You can fill them with concealers, lipsticks, lipglosses, and mascaras.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our amazing DIY beauty hacks and try our recipes on how to create your own makeup products.

0:07 – Nose contouring tutorial
0:41 – Quick makeup tips for urgent situations
3:44 – Makeup storage ideas
6:35 – Awesome must-try beauty hacks
9:16 – Amazing makeup cleaning hacks
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