Best Skin Care Products For Black Skin

A. These Are Best Skincare Products for Women of Color

The melanin in our skin, which is reflected in a warm, natural golden glow, ensures that our skin blooms all year round. Skin tones that cover the spectrum of brown, from sandy caramel to deep chocolate, deserve products made specifically for your complexion. These products did not exist for a while. Normally, skin care is advertised for specific skin types, such as oily, dry and combination skin, completely ignoring the under-represented group of people with dark skin. People with darker skin are more prone to things like hyperpigmentation, melasma, dark spots, and more.1 Many of these concerns are inherited and are part of our genetics.

Fortunately, more brands have created skin products that are specifically designed for dark skin tones. Our concerns with skin care have been in the background for a long time, and it is refreshing to highlight the brands that have made waves in the industry with colorful products for women. Many of them are independent niche brands born in the kitchen by women who could not find products suitable for their skin tone in the conventional market. Some of them found their way into the aisles of department stores and drugstores, but far enough away.

Black women, I blame them for endorsing and promoting those brands that need to be part of a bigger conversation. Inclusion is important, as well as healthy ingredients, free of aggressive chemicals and suitable for all skin tones. Knowing what to put on your skin will give you the shiny complexion you deserve. Below are just a few of the brands that deserve a reputation, but there are more.

1. Marla Rene

Marla Rene created this line of natural care for women of color after taking care of her mother who had cancer. This soothing facial tonic mixed with cucumber extract acts as an astringent, cleanser and make-up remover suitable for all skin types.

2. Specific Beauty

Specific Beauty is a line of products specially developed for the care of the skin of multicultural women. These pillows are full of herbal ingredients and antioxidants that are supposed to fade dark spots and even out the skin with an intense lightening effect.

3. Jacq’s Organics

Jacq’s is a black-owned natural beauty brand that believes in obtaining healthy ingredients that enhance its natural beauty. This gentle facial moisturizer provides your skin with deep hydration with its powerful combination of fatty acids, peptides and herbal extracts.

4. Black Girl Sunscreen

The Black Girl Sunscreen was born from the depletion of the lack of sunscreen for dark skin tones. This formula protected by melanin is filled with SPF 30, totally transparent and at the same time moisturizing. It’s all natural too.

5. Base Butter

Base Butter is a line of skin products manufactured by a WOC for WOC. These ethical ingredients were created to challenge the traditional standards of beauty that taught black women to cover up their natural beauty. They should get the best of you. Like this moisturizing facial gel that gives a refreshing touch to the skin due to its tea tree, lavender and primrose. Your skin looks supple, plump and radiant.

6. Bolden

Bolden is a brand developed by black women to create excellent products that really work for women with color. This lightweight sunscreen does not leave a ghostly white layer on dark skin tones and protects melanin with a sun protection factor from harmful ultraviolet rays.

7. Dr. Barbara Sturm

Dr. Barbara Sturm has scientifically and specifically developed this product line to meet the skin care needs of darker skin tones. Loved by timeless celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith and Angela Basset, this enzymatic cleanser is supposed to remove exfoliants, remove dead skin cells and lighten the appearance of dark spots.

8. The Afro Hair & Skin Co.

Dark skin tones are more prone to dark spots and hyperpigmentation.1 This balancing facial oil from the black beauty brand The Afro Hair & Skin Co. is made from curative English currant seed oil and organic ylang-ylang flowers to help control oil build-up and repair inflammation.

9. Kaike

This herbal beauty brand was founded by Keli Smith in 2015. Following the brand’s strong belief in clean, vegan ingredients, these products are handcrafted in small quantities in the suburbs of Chicago. This cleansing oil contains nourishing antioxidants, designed to clean and moisturize your skin.

10. Unsun

Jojoba oil is a natural oil made from the seeds of the chinensis plant, a drought-resistant shrub native to southern Arizona, California and Mexico. It mimics natural sebum and nourishes and seals skin moisture without clogging pores or worsening acne

This FPS-focused line was created by the mother of musical genius Frank Ocean, Katonya Breaux. After examining sun damage around the age of 30, she was inspired to create a line of sunscreens for women whose color is free of harmful ingredients that can be even more damaging to dark skin tones. The Unsun shade was developed especially for women with skin color and is composed of fruit extracts, jojoba and coconut oil.

11. Urban Skin Rx

Developed by Rachel Roff, licensed medical beautician and certified laser technician, Urban Skin Rx is a range of clinical products designed to help solve skin problems for all skin tones. This award-winning dark spot treatment dramatically improves the appearance of dark spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation and more.

12. Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture has always developed products with dark skin tones. African black soap is an ancient ingredient known to have destroyed the appearance of dark spots for a long time.3 This mud mask deeply cleanses the pores while exfoliating and restoring the skin.

13. SDot Beauty

SDot Beauty is a black-owned beauty brand dedicated to making products with pure, natural ingredients that are made in small quantities to ensure an effective blend. This powerful serum penetrates the skin and adds an effective layer of hydration to protect against environmental stressors.

14. Kwan Dermatology

How often do you see products in the medical field that treat dark skin tones? Ethnic skin care specialist and dermatologist William Kwan, MD wanted to change that and created Day Dream. This day and night serum was developed to standardize skin tones, while supporting hyperpigmentation and irregular skin tones.

15. Limegreen

With simple ingredients passed down from their grandmothers in mind, founders Talima and Allison created Limegreen, a line of formulated products naturally accessible to everyone. They are all made for multipurpose use, like this facial oil that also works as a moisturizer and make-up remover for the body. This packaging with affirmations is also a differentiator.

16. Re: Fresh

Brooklyn-based skin care pharmacy Re: Fresh boasts natural ingredients specially formulated for people with more sensitive skin. This organic facial mist is instantly refreshing and soothing to the skin.

17. Avya

Avya’s new skin care line is making an impact in the industry, with a specific focus on melanin, which the brand describes as “one of the least valued determinants of skin health”. Kiss your skin with a good morning kiss with this moisturizing day cream with the right amount of herbal ingredients and sun protection factor that guarantee a smooth and fleshy skin.

18. Three Notes

Activated charcoal is made of carbon-rich materials that are burned at high temperatures, such as charcoal, coconut shells and wood. There are claims in skin care that it binds and removes impurities, but more research is needed. Developed by the Tanzania Crew in Columbus, Mississippi, Three Notes uses natural ingredients of the highest quality to nourish the skin. This charcoal and tea tree cleanser clarifies and exfoliates. Removes excess oil and completely softens the skin texture.


B. The 11 Best Black-Owned Skincare Products for the Winter Season and Beyond

As black women, we grew up with the idea that “black doesn’t crack”. Although we are beautiful and old like wine, this does not mean that we should be careless with skin care and ignore the work that helps maintain the natural glow of melanin. It’s no secret that winter is a time for black women to invest in protective styles like braids, fabrics and wigs, but choosing the right skin care products is just as important.

Although black skin is diverse – and needs vary from person to person – there are essential ingredients that can benefit black women a lot in treating skin problems like dryness, eczema, acne and hyperpigmentation, says Elyse Love, MD, dermatologist at GlamDerm in New York City. “Hyaluronic acid and glycerin are excellent hydration ingredients. Zinc and niacinamide have anti-inflammatory effects and soothe the skin. Vitamin C, retinol, azelaic acid and kojic acid help pigmentation ”, emphasizes Dr. AME.

During the dry winter months, switch to thicker creams, ointments and body lotions and use products containing hyaluronic acid for the face to help keep moisture in the skin barrier, advises dermatologist Karen Kagha, a Boston physician. And just because the days are grayer and shorter doesn’t mean you can do without the sun protection factor – 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can pass through clouds. So always use sunscreen, says Dr. Kagha.

With so many beauty products to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right ones. Fortunately, we’re here to bring you the best Black skin care products designed for BIPOC to keep you glowing throughout the winter and beyond.

1. Best Cleaner: ROSEN Skincare Super Smoothie Cleanser

Fruits are a great trick for glowing skin – and that means putting them all over your body and face! With a smoothie consistency, this facial soap offers active powder of lemon, strawberry and raspberry to clean and firm the melanized skin. Not to mention that it also works as an exfoliator, helping to lighten the skin and get rid of irritating marks of hyperpigmentation. The black-owned product has an almost perfect rating for Urban Outfitters for a reason!

2. Best Body Bar: Redoux Turmeric Botanical Bar

This bestseller from Redoux has sold out more than 10 times, so you know it has to be good. The detoxifying cleansing bar contains natural ingredients such as olive oil and palm oil, turmeric and pink clay to gently illuminate and exfoliate opaque skin. Reviewers swear that it is also safe for sensitive types. The scent of sandalwood and ginger will leave you and your bathroom with a super fresh smell.

“This was my second purchase and I will definitely be a repeat customer,” said one buyer. “I love the smell and feel of my skin through the bar. Soft, smooth and refreshed. I have sensitive skin and most things irritate my skin, but not this soap!”

3. Best serum for hyperpigmentation: serum with vitamin C, bleach and bleach for hyper skin

Former lawyer Desiree Verdejo founded Hyper Skin in 2018 after serving as one of the leading visionaries at Harlem’s Vivrant Beauty boutique, which housed black-owned beauty brands. In an incredibly light and odorless formula, this serum contains everything you need to combat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone – including vitamin C, vitamin E, plus bearberry, turmeric and kojic acid. It is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates, so it is also gentle on sensitive skin.

4. The best serum for enlarged pores: Fenty Skin-Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum

Queen Rih Rih has undoubtedly reached the beauty industry with Fenty Beauty since the official launch of the brand in 2017. Rihanna has created products that adapt to the versatility and diversity of black women, and her skin care line has not disappointed this department. This combination of toner-serum reaches the pores, lightens and softens the skin and removes unwanted shine. As for the main ingredients, Rihanna includes a slice of the house with the Barbados cherry that adds vitamin C to brighten the properties, a cactus flower for hydration and the Japanese grape to detoxify the skin.

5. Best moisturizer: Buttah facial shea butter

Founded by Dorion Renaud, Buttah has earned its name in the black skin care community. This face cream made from 100% pure organic shea butter from Africa nourishes, protects and soothes your skin with each use. All you need is a small amount to exchange dry, scaly skin for a shiny, glowing complexion. (Professional tip: although you can use it during the day, critics say it is thicker than other moisturizers, which makes it an ideal night cream too.)

“I gave this to my mom for Christmas and she loves it!” Shared a customer. “She said the smell is very mild and her skin feels hydrated without the strong oily feeling that other moisturizers leave. Now I’m making a wish for myself!”

6. Best Gel Moisturizer: Radiate Facial Gel Butter Base

For women of color, for women of color, this moisturizing gel is soothing, refreshing, balancing, moisturizing and cleansing – everything you should look for in skin care products for winter and dry climates. For those who prefer light gel moisturizers to heavy creams or thick balms, this product is for you. Dermatologists tested facial jelly combines tea tree, evening primrose, lavender gel and aloe vera to restore, protect, disinfect and increase skin elasticity. This is especially good for oily or combination skin, as your face will not look oily or excessively shiny.

One reviewer said, “I have been using this moisturizer for a few months and it is amazing! I have difficulties with mixed skin and it balances my skin wonderfully! I have an active job, so I sweat a lot at work, but not that.” it just provides the perfect balance to prevent acne, but it still nourishes my skin. In addition to GLOW! Moist skin without fat! It is now a staple in my skin care routine. ”

7. Best toner: Temple Zen facial cleanser + toner

Developed by professional dancer and choreographer with classical training Jashiro Dean, this 2 in 1 product cleanses and tones to fight acne and keep blemishes away. It is made from witch hazel, aloe vera, shea butter and essential oils of eucalyptus and rosemary, which together help to disinfect skin from pollution, environmental toxins and makeup, and balance oil production.

“I love this facial cleanser,” said a customer. “I use it as the first step in my skin care routine and, honestly, I can’t imagine my life without it.”

8. Best mask: Golde Clean Greens face mask

Golde has the perfect mask to guide you through your winter skin problems. The powder to gel formula requires only a few drops of water to activate, which makes it more convenient than your favorite DIY mask. Full of spirulina, mango juice, chlorella (read: a seaweed) and naturally activated chlorophyll, it detoxifies the skin and gives it a real shine.

“I only used it twice, but my skin is so nourished after it helps to dry active pimples! (I have dry / dehydrated skin, very sensitive and prone to acne). It has a natural, earthy smell. Super easy to use and wash too “wrote a buyer with sensitive skin.

9. Best natural sunscreen: Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl sunscreen is more than just a product – it’s a movement. As a founder, Shontay Lundy used her own story to inspire others to take risks in the beauty industry and beyond, especially as black women. This sunscreen contains natural ingredients such as cocoa, sunflower oil, avocado juice and carrots to help hydrate, hydrate and prevent skin irritation and hyperpigmentation. Perhaps the best news, the pure formula ensures that the infamous whiteness does not last once applied, proving that Lundy thought of everything when creating this product for darker skin tones.

Also called “magic in a bottle”, a fan raved, “Buying sunscreen is usually a hit or miss for me, but this was certainly a HIT! I was so impressed with how moisturizing this product was that I almost forgot. I was using sunscreen. It doesn’t dry my skin and doesn’t leave a white shade. It’s also ideal for winter! ”

10. Best tinted sunscreen: UnSun mineral sunscreen with mineral tint

Another great FPS option, this baby, was created by Frank Ocean’s mother, Katonya Breaux, who has a personal experience with sun damage. Katonya used her platform to create a line of sunscreens specifically for colored women, without the harmful ingredients normally found in other sunscreens and daily skin care products. This dyed pimple gives you a moist shine and also serves as a 100% natural mineral sunscreen and color correction primer. Available in “light / medium” and “medium / dark”, it contains ingredients suitable for the skin, such as lactic acid, aloe vera, fruit extracts, vitamin C and vitamin E.

“I love this sunscreen! It looks good on my skin and loves the cover. A wonderful product that offers sunscreen without the white glow of the face – because ALL skin needs sunscreen, ”said a customer.

11. Best care for the scalp: Briogeo Charcoal Shampoo + Micro Peeling Coconut Oil

ICYDK, skin care, actually extends to the scalp. It is important that you pay attention not only to the skin on your face, but also to the skin under the growing curls – which can be neglected. From the black skin care brand Briogeo, this shampoo contains charcoal to remove impurities from the scalp and hair follicles, micro-peels to remove dead skin and product build-up, tea tree oil to reduce irritation and coconut oil for moisturize and eliminate dandruff. Bonus: any type of hair – whether straight, wavy, curly or curly – can take advantage of this shampoo.

A five-star reviewer wrote, “I love this shampoo! It should be used once a week, maybe twice at most, especially if you have sensitive skin,” she wrote. “Exfoliates the scalp and refreshes hair follicles from top to bottom. It smells like mint and is fresh and tingling.”