African American Skin Care Regimen

A. How To Care For African American Skin

1. African American Skin Care

You want to show your best face. African-American skin must be properly cared for to look its best.

Common problems among African Americans are hyperpigmentation (dark spots) caused by acne scars or other skin lesions and gray or gray skin caused by improper exfoliation. Although African Americans have the benefit of natural protection from the sun (we have all heard the phrase “black will not crack”), that does not mean that taking care of black skin should be taken for granted.

Our products for the African American face are of the absolute best quality at a very reasonable price. Since your skin has special needs, HumiNature offers several products for skin types with “normal” to special needs.

We have also developed recommended “regimes”, which are product packages that work well together. Each regimen is based on totally natural toners, without soap, alcohol and balancing moisturizers, non-greasy and non-comedogenic. If you have dry skin, you may be tempted to skip the toner step, as many toners are dry and hard. It is not ours.

2. Best facial cleanser for black skin

a. HumiNature anti-aging face cleanser

DMAE is an incredible nutrient that prolongs the life of cells and inhibits the cross-linking of proteins, giving the skin a toned and toned appearance. Our age-defying facial cleanser, HumiNature is a natural facial cleanser with DMAE. Our detergent is ideal for those who deal with the effects of aging.

b. HumiNature Oil Defense facial cleanser (anti-acne)

Acne-prone skin is sensitive skin. Many “anti-acne” treatments are so severe that they worsen the condition they are trying to eliminate. Above all, the HumiNature oil defense cleaner is natural and smooth. Contains activated charcoal, tea tree oil and citrus extracts to help naturally control the onset of acne.

c. HumiNature Skin Solace Cleaning Product

Our natural cleansing product HumiNature Skin Solace is a gentle and delicate facial cleanser, suitable for people with sensitive skin or who just want to treat their face with a deep and natural cleansing, without the use of aggressive chemicals. With this cleanser, your face will be smooth, clean and full of energy. Honey is a humectant (attracts water). And honey acids gently promote skin renewal (removal of dead skin). Honey is a milder way to obtain benefits similar to alpha hydroxy acids. Therefore, it is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Wild oats help the skin to retain moisture and keep it soft. Ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

3. Best toner for black skin

a. HumiNature cucumber mist toner

Our Natural Facial Toner HumiNature Cucumber Mist is a natural and moisturizing facial tonic that is mixed with pure cucumber hydrosol (essence). Cucumber has natural anti-inflammatory properties. The juice of the Aloe leaf softens. Witch hazel tones. And tea tree oil and black willow bark kill germs. This toner is perfect for anyone with a face.

b. HumiNature anti-aging toner with DMAE

Our HumiNature Firming Skin Toner with DMAE is our highest quality toner. DMAE is a natural nutrient that prolongs the life of cells and gives the skin a firm tone and appearance. DMAE slightly tightens the skin temporarily, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

c. HumiNature oil defense astringent

Our HumiNature Oil Defense astringent is naturally astringent, balances the skin and fights acne. Alpha-hydroxy acids gently exfoliate, while fruit acids even out your skin tone. Black Willowbark provides natural salicylic acid to help fight the causes of acne. Our astringent does the job without peeling and causing skin dryness. DMAE gives your skin a toned and polished appearance while essential oils go to the root of acne.

4. Best moisturizers for black skin

a. HumiNature AvoJoba facial moisturizer

HumiNature AvoJoba Facial Moisturizing Cream is perfect for dry to combination skin types. Our cream is made with the best natural jojoba and restores the skin’s balance. Technically, jojoba is not an oil, but a wax. Since jojoba is the closest to the body’s natural sebum in nature, it removes excess oil from oily skin and provides additional oil to dry skin. In this way, jojoba can restore the ideal oil balance for the skin, which is very dry or oily. Avocado oil is known as an anti-aging oil.

b. East African Shea Butter HumiNature

The East African Shea Butter HumiNature is the crème de la crème of the Shea Butter. East African shea butter is softer and more fragrant than West African shea butter as it is manually extracted from the highest quality shea nuts of the Nilotica variety. East African shea butter is naturally rich in sheabolein and melts more smoothly on the skin.

c. HumiNature anti-oxidant anti-aging cream

HumiNature Anti-Aging AntiOxidant Crème is a super premium anti-aging cream that is loaded with anti-aging agents. You will not find a better anti-aging cream at any cost. Natural moisturizers and vitamins rejuvenate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Avocado oil is known as a warrior of nature and this cream is full of it. The cream also contains vitamins A, B, C and E to combat the effects of aging.

d. HumiNature Shea Butter Facial Cream

HumiNature shea butter face cream perfect for all skin types. Our premium shea butter cream is thick and filled with shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamins and other nutrients that your skin will simply drink.

5. Best skin rejuvenators for black skin

The normal daily regimen is important for maintaining good skin. But for that extra boost that we all need, especially as we get older, we offer these stimuli to your face.

a. HumiNature Deep C Mask

HumiNature Deep C Masque is an attractive and effective facial mask. Montmorillonite (French green clay), vitamin C ester and seaweed extract make this mask an incredibly exuberant and smooth clay mask. Vitamin C esters are easily absorbed by the skin. We use them in concentrations high enough to be effective. However, we keep the level low enough that the mask does not prick your skin.

b. HumiNature papaya and clay shell

HumiNature Papaya & Clay Skin Peel is a soft skin peel with fruit extracts and kaolin clay. The skin is radiant and invigorated. Eliminates ashes. Peels are becoming more and more popular among the baby boom generation. This is a safe and effective way to recover or maintain that youthful glow.

c. HumiNature Rhassoul Clay

HumiNature Rhassoul Clay is an excellent mask for the face and body and an excellent deep cleanser for the hair. Used in the best spas.

d. HumiNature Skin Polish Crème (microdermabrasion cream)

HumiNature Skin Polish Crème (Microdermabrasion Cream) is a natural way to eliminate the harmful effects of aging, brighten your skin, remove fine lines and hyperpigmentation – all in the comfort of your home and for a fraction of what you would do for spa treatments. or doctor’s office.

6. Best skin care systems for black skin

Our schemes are based on a 4-step system. The fourth step is optional.

  1. Step 1: cleaning – morning and night
  2. Step 2: clay in the morning and at night
  3. Step 3: moisturize morning and evening
  4. Step 4: rejuvenate, treat or restore – at night or occasionally, as needed.

a. Ajuvén Face Rescue Kit

The Ajuvén facial rescue kit is especially suitable for men’s skin care. Gentle but effective products for men.

  1. Stage 1: botanical facial scrub in Ajuvén
  2. Step 2: Ajuvén Citrus Splash facial toner
  3. Stage 3: Ajuvén Facial Botanical Moisturizer
  4. Step 4: Ajuvén Sandalwood Shave Créme or Ajuvén Aloe Shave Gel. Any of the HumiNature masks

b. Sensitive skin care regime with HumiNature

The HumiNature Sensitive Skin Care Regimen is smooth and effective at the same time. The HumiNature Sensitive Skin Care Regime contains hypoallergenic products that are gentle and do not cause irritation to sensitive skin. No additional color or fragrance is used in these products. Sensitive skin should never use soap-based cleansers or aggressive toners found in many over-the-counter products.

  1. Step 1: HumiNature Solace Skin Cleaner with wild oats and honey
  2. Step 2: HumiNature Cucumber Mist facial toner
  3. Step 3: HumiNature AvoJoba Crème
  4. Step 4: HumiNature Face Firming Serum and / or Skin Solace Masque

c. Acne-prone skin care HumiNature / Oil defense skin care

Effective and natural cleansing soaps without soap with specially selected anti-acne essential oils, an anti-acne tonic and a non-comedogenic mask make up our HumiNature Oil Defense skin care system. Many anti-acne products cause excessive dehydration and skin irritation, which can worsen the appearance of acne and leave the skin irritated, dry and scaly. Our regime fights acne without damaging your skin. We include a clay mask that is used once or three times a week for deep cleaning to prevent the formation of blackheads and pimples. Since our cleansers and toners don’t dry out, you will probably find that you don’t need a moisturizer every day.

  1. Step 1: HumiNature oil defense cleaner
  2. Step 2: HumiNature oil defense toner
  3. Step 3: not necessary for oily skin types
  4. Step 4: HumiNature Deep C Mask


B. Black skin care: The top 5 tips

We offer products that we believe are useful to our readers. If you buy from links on this page, we can earn a small commission. Here is our process. Each skin is different and can benefit from a tailored care routine. Black skin contains more melanin than lighter skin. Melanin-producing cells may be more prone to inflammation and damage, which may be more pronounced on dark skin than on light skin.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), different skin care routines benefit from different skin colors. This is due to differences in the structure and function of the skin.

Some conditions that people with black skin may experience include:

  1. Acne, which includes pimples, whiteheads and blackheads
  2. Changes in pigmentation that lead to discoloration
  3. Contact dermatitis or inflammation that occurs from contact with an irritant or allergen
  4. Eczema, an itchy skin disease, dry and cracked skin
  5. Seborrheic dermatitis, which occurs as scaly patches on the scalp and face

In this article, we’ll cover five important tips for caring for black skin.

1. Clean and moisten daily

To keep your skin shiny and supple, it is best to clean and moisturize it daily, preferably right after your shower. Use a mild detergent that does not clog your pores. It may be worth looking for someone who says “non-comedogenic”. Massage the cleanser into the skin with clean fingertips, then rinse with warm (not hot) water and dry the skin with a clean towel.

Some research suggests that black skin loses moisture more quickly than some lighter skin tones. To avoid this and to prevent the skin from looking pale, apply a moisturizer that contains humectants such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid daily. Humectants retain moisture in the skin. People can buy moisturizers with glycerin or hyaluronic acid online.

A highly effective moisturizer is petroleum jelly. However, people should be careful when applying thick products like this on the face, as they can cause acne. Before using, make sure that they are not comedogenic. Avoid using perfumed moisturizers, as they can irritate the skin of some people. Moisturizers that contain creams or ointments are preferable to lotions. Do not use loofah or any other similar type of exfoliator on the skin. Also, avoid abrasives.

2. Always use sunscreen

One of the biggest myths about black skin is that it doesn’t hurt and that black people don’t need to use sunscreen. This is not true and everyone should wear adequate sunscreen. Although black-skinned people are less likely to develop skin cancer from exposure to the sun, they are more likely to die from the disease as it develops. This may be because it is more difficult to perceive and diagnose. Exposure to the sun can also cause the development of dark spots on black skin, as is typical of melasma. It can also darken existing stains.

The AAD recommends the use of a waterproof sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 that protects against ultraviolet (UV) A and UVB rays. This is known as broadband protection. People should apply sunscreen to all areas of exposed skin all year round, including on cloudy days, in the shade and in winter. Many regular moisturizers contain SPF, including facial moisturizers. Sun protection is especially important on the face, as it is usually the only part of the skin exposed to the sun throughout the year. Facial creams with sun protection factor are available in pharmacies, drugstores and online. People can also wear special clothing for extra sun protection. A variety of UV protective clothing is available online.

3. Consider treatments for hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation or discolored areas of the skin can affect people with any skin tone. Although sunscreens can prevent the development of new hyperpigmentation spots, they do not remove existing dark spots. That is, it can prevent existing dark spots from becoming darker.

To reduce the appearance of existing dark spots, people can use a special product. They usually include ingredients such as:

  1. Retinoids: Several over-the-counter products, such as tretinoin, can be useful.
    Hydroquinone: products containing hydroquinone interrupt the production of excess melanin, which leads to dark spots.
  2. Kojic Acid: This is another skin lightener that can reduce dark spots, but may be less effective.
  3. Vitamin C: Some research suggests that vitamin C, an antioxidant that can reduce hyperpigmentation, protects against sun damage and increases collagen levels. However, vitamin C has little ability to penetrate the skin, so further research on its effectiveness is needed for these purposes.

People should use these products – especially hydroquinone and kojic acid – with caution, as overuse can irritate the skin. It is important not to use hydroquinone for long periods of time. Take a break after 3 months of continuous use. Hydroquinone can darken the skin after prolonged use. This is part of a condition called exogenous ochronosis. Dermatologists can recommend a combined product that combines several products into one that people can use on their skin.

4. Treat acne early

Early acne treatment can prevent the condition from getting worse. It can also prevent the formation of dark spots on the skin, which is part of a condition known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These spots are not scars. Establishing a gentle daily regimen for the skin can help prevent acne, as well as the use of non-comedogenic and oil-free products. People should also avoid irritants, such as scented laundry detergents and highly perfumed skin products. It is important for a person to consult a dermatologist to learn more about the products suitable for their specific type of acne.

5. Eat a balanced diet

Good skin care starts from the inside. To give your skin the nutrients it needs to shape and repair, you must have a healthy diet, rich in:

  1. Fruits and vegetables
  2. Whole grain
  3. Lean sources of protein like fish, eggs, vegetables and tofu
  4. Healthy fats, including nuts, avocado and olive oil

Avoiding processed and sugar-filled foods and limiting alcohol consumption can also help improve skin health. Alcohol can make certain skin conditions worse, such as psoriasis. People with skin conditions like acne or eczema should see a dermatologist to see if there are foods that can make symptoms worse.

6. Summary

Establishing a good skin care regimen can help keep black skin shiny, supple and clear. In addition to following a smooth daily routine and healthy eating, people with black skin should avoid using products that contain fragrances and aggressive chemicals. Specific skin problems, such as acne and dark spots, benefit from rapid treatment and preventive techniques. To prevent the formation and deterioration of dark spots and more serious health problems, such as skin cancer, experts recommend using sunscreens with SPF 30 or more every day.